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LAX JFK. Four hundred dollars. It's three forty, six. Got to get her assistance there. Now you only j.j workday wants to know what did you think about Nikki and Cardi's altercation fashion week where you were at that party? Right? I compared it, but when I comes down. I love. Towed it to carrying Rockville to her face anything. But I went home on the couch watching TV. What do you and Kate we're home watching? Yes. But. I was disappointed. I don't wanna see. Women have kind of fide women fight period, so not not that you know, it's all music. It's, you know, there's no division of music music for everybody. There's no discrimination. So I felt right is pointed. Cuba. Favorite memory of working with Burt Reynolds on endgame. Brenda h, you know, every day he was there. He only came. We shot that show for about seven weeks in they had him for four days a while the every every day he came on the set, and I've had the opportunity to work with these icon ick actors before, and they they always tell pass stories of working with other big often. Probably one of his stories he was just great. Yeah, Christina. Martin wants to know Cuba how often in day to day life do are asked to use the phrase, show me the money. Everybody people coming up to you and said, doesn't ring a bell down. They only Peter, the mom Peter, the media wants to know your views on KENDALL Jenner being the highest paid model. While saying she cherry picks jobs and could never do thirty shows in a season crashed. I'm really excited about the global citizen festival. Where in this. On the weekend able super cool and to get an it's, is it. All day long believe so hosting in New York and co host an producing. That's. Simply for New York, eight seventy. What your question. Hi, Andy, I Cuba you're hiding. Hello of you. Thank you. I just had to let you know since I was five the door ju I saw you on the cover of a jet magazine. It's been on ever since. Thank you so much. Okay, so this girl has a question for you. I need your top three dating tips. Top-three dating tips. Oh me. Oh, I don't know if I'm the right person to earth. Thing. Pick up now. Pick up the phone? Oh, my God. I'm so I don't really note. It's like today because I've never been a dating person. I've always been someone that's been in relationships. Okay. So what do you do? You go for pizza that one of them. Broken. Pizza a few days ago. Is that true? Yeah. Grocery shopping. Today's go when cook yesterday. Brianna for Nebraska. Hey, brianna. What your question for Cuba. Gooding. Junior. She left. Okay. Thanks for calling. Bre, hey, what's your question? My question is for tuba. Best coast sort and the worst co star that he's worked with all who's the best. Oh, the best. Who's your favorite? Maybe Jack. Nicholson? Because he while Jack Jack? Yeah. You know, I maybe I whispered to them. It's just say, because he used the controversy. Like that. Could you say that worse? Yes, you know, what was it worst actor. Who was not Benita town. You doing it or not. She just said, I was gonna say, I mean. Doc one grip on what you did. He was just a little cranky shot in Bucharest. Wow, I do a dorm, but he was miserable. It's game time. Everybody. Enough to curl your hair. So I, I hope Cuba's been paying attention because if not, I may lose some of my here with better pluck. Next time, Cuban gonna ask you some Naomi Campbell, trivia for every wrong answer Naomi's going to take these tweezers and pluck out one of my eyebrow hairs. Okay. Cuba there are two. What named for Naomi in Holland roses or windmills. Roses, you're correct. In what city was Naomi born London or Birmingham. Yes. They only appeared in which Marley music video, this love or no woman. No cry. No woman, no cry. Is this love..

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