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So researchers opinion is divided as to whether the parasite is truly influ. Behavior, but given the widespread nature of such manipulations it will be completely implausible for humans to be the only species that weren't similarly affected. You hear about how all of these parasites manipulate behavior in creatures, and then it does kind of make you question free will. Right? I mean, surely among us. Yeah, I think I think the husband really interesting philosophical implications, right? Like how much we aren't trains are under your own control. I would say most, but what we can say, I think is that it's entirely plausible that our behavior could be affected by parasites. But identity we should freak out the concept that we might sometimes make decisions not entirely of our own bullish. I'm freaking out. Hey, forget. Yeah. Because I made you, yeah, you did. This capacity to constantly subvert a way of thinking about the world makes parasites amazing. They constantly inviting us to look at natural world sideways until ask if the behaviors we're seeing, whether the simple and obvious or baffling and positing all the results of individuals acting through their own accord. But because there being bent to the control of something else and while that may be disquieting and while parasites habits may be very grisly. I think that ability to surprise us makes them as wonderful and as charismatic as any pando butterfly old dolphin, but perhaps dot to parasite talking. Thank you. Science journalist, Ed young, he's got a new book coming out soon called, I contain multitudes, it's all about microbes watches, full talk, Ted dot com..

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