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Browne wrote doctor my eyes the lyrics were about a guy who tries to get help but is doomed because it's too late but the record company thought you know what Jackson Browne that's a little too much of a Downer so he then changed it to a story about a guy who has gone through a lot in life and eventually comes to accept his fate so sort of still it down or not as bad but I think it does relate to what you do Dolph because a lot of people do feel very negative about the possibility of their future in retirement how do you help your clients who feel they got a late start in planning for retirement how do you help them figure that out and have a better outlook Kristin was over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor no because the Japanese did right it's on the movie animal house of signals famous things when they get rid of the end of the scene like was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor ness of the Germans off forget about his role in it's like it's never too late for something you can never say give up last week and we had our member guest of our country club and my partner and I were getting demolished in our last match and we have four holes left we had to win all four holes and guess what we came back and we won all four holes to win our flight get out of the final round which was wonderful because a lot of teams with one of the tower plans to great geyser point wonderful golf and we just couldn't catch up and then we found a way to crawl and beckons like when it comes to retirement planning once you get a plan in place like Lee and I did we had a plan to get this is how we're gonna taxes next four holes and I know she's four holes verses forty years or twenty years alive but Crichton that plan is one thing making sure you the plans correct for you is the next thing the most important part of the whole thing is executing the plans so when we're working with clients whether they're forty years old fifty years old six years old seven years old one of the money looking for they're looking for the quality of the looking for growth are they looking for income within a passes money I was a legacy of the starting later they started early are they married or the single they have kids or whatever we have this beautiful woman came in a little day with seventy four years old had eight kids it was on the wall same husband remembered very for fifty some odd years it's been one of them but what I loved about it now but they we can assume it was about a legacy plan of how to make sure these eight kids were taken care of but the most important as you go to create the plan a lot of people to create a plan like a coach creates a plan for game every week they're gonna make sure that the plan is correct for that are you playing a passing team really plays a running team then executing the plan gets down to the finish line making sure you've got the right plan in place is key when you are near retirement or already there is it ever too late we just heard the answer no it's not but you have to take steps to make sure that you are ready to go moving forward that's what the office saying here if you come in for that where do I stand plan you can better understand in your financial life where you stand right now and where you would be standing in the future of your retirement when things change on Wall street yes that's going to happen at some point so get that inside with that for one second opinion seven zero four nine one nine zero one four nine and if you read dolls book cross the bridge to retirement it's great insight in the same fashion how are you going to cross that bridge into retirement confidently if you'd like that inside it's complimentary it's a quick read and.

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Browne discussed on BRAG: Using Real Estate To Be Rich and Generous

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