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Back going. How throwback thursday thursday march twenty six twenty twenty one of thirty six minutes back show. Have you morning. Show sydney barbie. I mean woodbridge new jersey. But how i will pump that but it's already sold. Well why keep an asking if holdout Just feel good saying. I'm trying to get rid of that domestication things looking at come out so you come out harvey out tonight. He'll be in all his glory state. Sling unease joe masses. Essential save lives laughter. We in woodbridge new jersey secret location. Because somebody's speaking of that. Somebody me invite to a party. Somewhere in the poll. Right said it had no location though nothing light and this is the secret location. Y'all try traffic females. We ain't gonna corona virus. I'm looking for. I know thank you. I'll eat notice person. Give me their sunday night. Laughs more now a new york king talent is in the building. This april the eighteenth. Twenty twenty one. I was located at bobby. If you don't mind. Anyone south delaware dr here in great city of eastern pennsylvania. Doors open up at five pm showtime six in this part of the lehigh valley Sunday.

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