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New York I've only set up my hammock once and never all the way Utah and lucky enough I was able to set up my hammock one of these trees Police body cam video would show van life was a facade And he wouldn't let me in the car Adding to the mystery Brian was alone when he drove back to his parents Florida home saying little to police and the family desperate to find Gabby We sure the frustration with the world right now Two people went on a trip one person returned Gabby's body was found in teton national forest in Wyoming human remains were discovered consistent with the description of Gabriel Gabby potato She died of natural strangulation a month later Brian's body was found in a swamp near his parents home He died of a gunshot wound to the head Tesla is making it so no one can play video games on the in vehicle screens while the car is moving the move comes out to the national highway traffic safety administration launched a probe into the screens this week amid reports people could play games while driving At issue a feature called passenger play which lets people play games while their car is moving as long as the user claims to be a passenger Tesla now says it'll stop all gaming while in motion as a matter of safety A Michael castner And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom U.S. markets are closed in observance of the Christmas holiday but looking at overseas trading the FTSE in London is down about a tenth of 1% The cac 40 in Paris down one tenth of 1% The Jackson Germany closed today in Asia overnight at the CSI 300 was down 6 tenths of 1% then UK and Japan down less than a tenth of 1% and the hang seng in Hong Kong was up one tenth of 1% in Friday trading United Airlines holdings is canceling over 100 flights while Delta Air Lines has cut about 90 United said in an email Thursday that a jump in omara COVID-19 cases is affecting the availability of flat crews and ground personnel Delta said its cancellations were due to a combination of reasons including but not limited to potential inclement weather in some places and the impact of a Macron For the 6th day in the last week New York State broke its record for new daily COVID-19 cases Governor Kathy hogel's office announced Thursday that the state reported 38,835 new cases in the last 24 hours The previous record said Wednesday 28,942 Across the state 130 people per 100,000 in population tested positive for coronavirus according to state data In New York City 175 residents out of every 100,000 people tested positive Wednesday In upstate New York the southern tier had the highest figure at 98 cases per 100,000 people Already there have been 16 deaths on Rikers Island this year Experts say a staffing shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic made already challenging conditions at the jail even worse Now the omicron variant of the coronavirus is threatening to overtake the jail New York one reports 21% of the population incarcerated at Rikers Island has tested positive for COVID-19 Some elected officials are calling for a reduction in the population at Rikers using supervised release Less than half the population at Rikers is vaccinated Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries I'm susannah Palmer This.

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