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Not to Flint, Tareyton? Systems. Bokram Allison. Thanks. I want to start with one of fewer earlier peepers and sent titled Morton N Four Hundred amplitude using vector space models of board presentation. In which you looked at the vector space model Sam has. The models of voter relations that influence and four hundred. and. The inflow hundred is really a measurement of the eeg right Could you talk a bit about what and four hundred s and then began dig into? What you found with ESM's. Yes. So the in four hundred is a component of the human brain response that is used a lot bicycle linguists by people who are interested in studying the. and so when you are when you're measuring the electrical signals of brain activity What you see at about four hundred milliseconds peaking at about four hundred milliseconds after the onset of a stimulus as your for instance reading. One word at a time is a is a negative. Peak in the signal, which is referred to as the end four hundred component of that ERP response. Of that eeg measured by the G.. And what we seemed to find accumulated over time in studying the signal is that the end four hundred seems to be sensitive to the extent to which. The word that you're reading their fits with the context. So to speak said to be more explicit, what you see is that the ENFOR hundred can show the default for the end four hundred to default is see that peak But if you see that word is particularly expected in the context, then you'll see a reduction in that in four hundred amplitude. So it can be an indication of how predictable a word is in context or how expected a word is in context. So yeah. So psycholinguistics. Studied use the four hundred dozen indication of how expected words are in context in by manipulating that context, you can ask questions about what what language comprehend. IRS are expecting they process this context. Okay..

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