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That's not good right known have that but you don't have the you don't have the coin like the other guys guys will do it maybe they'll pay for an obviously it's freezing cold in boston but i gotta tell you i'm watching this this fight happen john carlos stanton and judge at are mattress standing firm next to we think next of our to customers each other just as chest family puffed out so so we'd two like to guys extend i wouldn't our want friends to rock and family with sale in a fight to you to be honest with you just right saw now those guys save standing twenty there percent across america's astronaut best graph or selling something brands i like to beauty get into a rest brawl or certa hurry judge in our with friends haymaker and family haymakers sale ends almost soon trying to think about it like your budget if you further look at at the mattress yankees firm team in general they visit have mattress the firm height and dot weight com advantage slash sale for details doubt about offer a pound available for pound at participating the locations five guys only that are six six and above yes i know that that's what i was mentioning we're seeing the the two big boys with stanton and judge standing next to each other while the third base coach is going after someone that's what i wanna see oh my god is still going going after your empire is it still going on or is this on mlb network that is happening all i know just involved in this whole vegas phil navigate natural wasn't a cody yeah phil neville looked a little big but it was because he has the sweatshirt underneath is jersey now so it's night we'll baulky on them of them just saying yeah yeah as you said it started with austin he's spike in brock halted so austin so it was the assumption that austin spike hold sliding in a second and then as retaliation they throw out of.

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