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And of course, I think at the end this is London like the Chelsea incident in London the west same incident in London. This is not some remote area. This is a privilege d'etre politician area of England gets diverse. It's not I don't know you think of backwoods somewhere. It's it's the center point basically that the whole the whole area like that's the that's what everyone thinks of. So there's a lot to go on from that. And it's just very disappointing to see this happen again. And again, and this is not just like that not just soccer. This happens in all sports. Unfortunately. Yes. Big time. Moving on as usual Felix. Remember this name because one Felix guys they name that is already garnering a lot of buzz. He is a player that could be on the move to a major club for a lot of money. This kid is a been fica product. In the Portuguese league. He is a Portuguese player. Some are calling him the new Rinaldo, quote, unquote and Manchester United and Real Madrid are tracking this kid. They have been under close watch for him. And it sounds like he will be on the move to a major club. And he knows it. He had some comments saying that he, you know. Thinks it's great. And that he doesn't that? He welcomes that challenge in his goal is to be one of the best. So. He is a player to keep an eye out for I imagined other players will be in on him or some other teams will be in on him to. Yeah. And I honestly kind of feel bad for them. Because the fact he's. The is the next one. Although because that is such a heist like it's veteran, no doubt about it. But that leaves him to so much like he can't make errors. Now. He's so he's such a high spotlight that it's almost unfair. You know what I mean? Yeah. I always feel bad for players. I get go compared to the greatest player of that of their generation. Because of the fact like that is living so much height that sometimes that's impossible to live up to like saying, you're the next Michael Jordan or a singer the next Tom Brady or something of that nature. Like, you're living up to so much height. That one little mistake caulking cost you everything. Yeah. But I I wouldn't excited for my hope he lives up to the hype. But I just hate the fact that that journalists in some media just hype them up to explore oil. You know, it is what it is. Right. It's awesome. But the fact is that this kid has represented Portugal at the national level. He does from his Jalan. I'm. Taking away from that. I just hate the fact that like people just over exaggerate in that, you know, there isn't there isn't a set of the story. And because he's so hyped means he'll get a nice little contract by his next team. Yes. Absolutely. And I hope for the best for them. And of course, there is positive, but when you think of the negative just it's it's a little unfair to the kid, but I hope nothing for the best. He's already like you said he's been part of the Portugal national team all the potential in the world. He along side Rinaldo it the next European championship in next now that would be interesting to see I would love to see that. Speaking of Rinaldo. He just turned thirty four. And his birthday was on February the fifth and was yesterday. And he shares a birthday with another soccer superstar who is superstar. Is it who I think it is? I don't know who you think it is. Is it a guy that's very similar to him in this generation or did a previous generation player? It's somebody who's current currently playing is he in Barcelona. He is not okay. Is he in the Premier League? He is not then I'm out. Rinaldo in neymar share a birth real own? I I knew neymar Heidelberg the huge bash. They he had a are seven years apart. But it still interesting that maybe the top two players in the world. Have the say if you're born in February fifth, and you play soccer, you have a lot of potential, but also I should have known that because name or had a huge birthday part..

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