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They can't even go out and put their hands on someone without getting a charge or getting kicked off the force. So, you know, I wanted to show my support for them and how appreciative I am for what they do. And keeping us safe and, you know, it's been a great experience. You know, I'm welcome to Miami Beach police department any time now and those guys, they showed me the shoe anytime. And they just gave me their time anytime I want it now. I came a couple days ago on the drop of the dime and they're like, yeah, come Kobe and got to shoot M 5s and assault rifles and all these crazy like you pissed on with like crazy silencers and nice scopes and, you know, it's just been a really cool experience just to, you know, be able to hang with them. Wow. Now you left American Top Team. And you kind of formed your own gym. Is that a couple things? Who are you bringing in? That cost me a lot more money because now you got to pay people to train with. You know, no, it's probably going to save me a good amount of money to be honest, you know? At American Top Team, you know, you have your gym fees that you have to pay and you have to and I always paid my individualized coaches. So, you know, now it's just, it's just individualized coaches. I'm not paying the GMP because I'm my own gym. I'm Kobe Covington incorporated now. So, you know, I brought some of the best coaches around into my jam and I have some great training partners and, you know, I'm getting better every single day, you know? It's not ready to be in deal yet. What my training partners and all my coaches are, but at the right time, before my next fight, you know, that'll get a deal. And, you know, everybody will know that the CC I Colby Covington incorporated for real. And we're here to stay, man. We're just getting started out of my promise you the best is yet to come. Now, are you worried that guys are going to go not going to go a 100% with you? Because they're not going to want to hurt you because you're implying them. No, I'm not worried at all. I think that we train smart at Colby Covington incorporated, but you know, I always believe in giving your all. So, you know, I want them to go hard and, you know, and being the best fighter in the world, you should be able to train with any style and be able to maneuver through, you know, all the all the crazy training and all the reckless people that train like that and be able to, you know, just pretty much be able to stop it and not get hurt. So I'm not really too worried about that. Now listen, I was telling Joe. I'm like, listen, personally, I think American Top Team got you to the point where you got the title shot..

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