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Did you have another question before I you talk about the Scott last you you you Dracula hitters the first four picks the giants were all college hitters so maybe I should look closer to big league ready nine of the first ten picks were we're hitters up and I don't know how many of them had much chance to play after they get drafted and signed last summer and now there's really no chance to play of those channels for ten guys what do you know about them now that you you didn't know already and how much is their development been the delay anything by not having a season right now yes that's something that keeps me up at night we we are not able to provide these players with a developmental wraps that they need to continue to grow as players and you guys know how important it is for a young player through his formative years to make sure that he's getting you know five hundred plate appearances a year or you know twenty seven starts a year it's it's it's a big challenge for us I will note that we feel like we're in a better position than most because our farm system has made real strides in the past year you know players such as Joey Barton John Kelly and Ellie Rameau's as performed at the upper levels of the system and they're inching their way closer to the big leagues we added new impact talent I kind of bishop you guys talk to you soon Logan why it was one of our picks last year and he jumped three levels in our system last year which is which is pretty remarkable we traded for Wilson this winter we think has a chance to to grow into our core and then I think there's a a young subset of players that are performing at the lower levels that are really exciting may not be household names now but you know players like mark Luciano and Allison are you know those guys are are high outside young impact talent that we think are are really exciting it is done we don't get simplex and so you know hundred just just jumped on and you know that difficult it is to stay in shape and so to get your work in remotely we're trying to support him as best you can ever ask you to get back on the field as quickly as we can thanks for being with us thanks guys okay.

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