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The FIS. Follow us on Twitter at WABC traffic. Randy Hollis wish TV meteorologist what's the latest? And what are we looking at going forward? Yeah. I tell you what you're Tony. We're down to six degrees below zero here in the city right now, the record is minus eleven so we're not gonna probably set a record here. The windshield numbers as low as thirty to forty degrees below zero. I think a lot in Kokomo. They're like forty two forty three degrees below zero the wind show dangerously cold out there wind chill warning to one o'clock tomorrow afternoon, partly sunny breezy today. Brennan record low high of zero during the staff that colder temperature ever for a high on this date tonight. Clear skies, bitterly cold, a Wedgewood I down back down to seven below zero clouds come rolling in tomorrow, cold front fifteen and snow tomorrow night into early Friday. I think by the rush hour Friday morning to to maybe a four inch. Band of us and plumpy snow out. There may really mess up. The roads for mad here early on Friday. Friday's high temperature thirty two and then much warmer air returns for the weekend. Dry mid forties on Saturday. Maybe if you rain showers high near fifty on Sunday mid-fifties with rain likely during the day on Monday. But no chance that this thing is going to extend this cold is going to send pass Fridays. They're all the models indicating a reaction to warm up here the polar vortex that it's going to get out of here quickly. I do think later next week that we may see another surge a pretty cold air coming back down by the latter part of next week. So it's a roller coaster ride here. Tony up and down we go as we head through the next the next week or so that right? There is Randy Alice referring to freezing temperatures as a roller coaster ride. Randy Allah's wish TV meteorologist, I appreciate you. It is five below in the American standard heating weather center. And that's not with the wind show with the wind chill. You're at thirty below the time. A seven or eight this hour on ninety three WIBC is powered by BMW plumbing, heating, your American standard air dealer in Indianapolis. Johny cats Ninety-three WIBC a good morning. This cold weather.

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