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I mean, it seemed like he was halfway out the door. Then he goes and scores thousand goals against Tranmere. Rovers and he works his way right back and disperse good graces, but they really don't have a choice now. And I don't know what they do. I mean as Delhi alley now expected to kind of move into more of an a central attacker spot is he gonna play up top with maybe Lucas Moore who missed the match over the weekend through injury himself is someone going to come into the club. You know, it's so funny. How? You're right. That's a natural thought for normal fan to have. But when you're fan of this club that like if somebody comes in. That's that is bonus that is extra credit that is not even like a flicker of thought in my head because of the way this club is now seemingly operating so on just looking at the guys who were there, and I guess it's going to be deli. Lucas Mora renting some sort of combination of those guys. You know, I loved Elliott alley. I love Lucas Mora. I don't think a ton of Fernando. You're anti at this stage in his career. I mean is this is this a group that like are they as Tino going to just have to change completely how they play when they're going to, you know, take on Dortmund. Can I put an M there? Sure. Who's being on the bench and being featured in squads trained with first team a bit put his I mean, super young Troy pirate. He does play center forward. All right. I mean, I saw some talk of Callum Wilson's name being thrown around from born Muth Eddie house says they're not gonna let him leave on. They'll hold is fake to the fire in a way. That would be which means that. It's nothing will come of it. Yeah. That's a name that I love that would be great. I think really highly of him. But man, this is just really really bad timing. It feels like they're in a bit of danger zone. Because look the I the price for them. Now is not like stop the talk about them being a part of a title race or whatever because they're not. And that's that's okay. But top four is essential. They have to like they're always going to be a club whose key players are in flux are they going to leave for Madrid. Or they gonna stay. If you want to have any hope of keeping these guys there needs to be Champions League football that new stadium next season. And if there's not it becomes harder to convince Ericsson not to go to Real Madrid or Pocchettino not to go to United. For him to Real Madrid. You know, it's this is this is like a dangerous time right now. I'm just thinking cheap. Strikers January who you going to get a throwback in my head. I just go right back to Louis Saja, and like names like that even got noise like this this generation, I mean that was kind of still this generation who's like a guy like that. What do you any? What's outta boy Oropesa? Yeah. Surely, we can get crouch e back in there. Right. You need someone. Yeah. I don't know. What do you think? I mean in my like, no, your this is serious. Right. It's it's it's extremely worrying. Because I mean, it's. All I can think of is does does daily alley. No placenta forward has. He the no st- is he can he score at the pet required. Because in the past when when came was injured last year, sewn came in on on did an unbelievable job to bridge that gap and son is not going to be there. So it's unbelievable. I don't know..

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