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Know so i the menus spectacular you know it hits everything across the board one still the scope up barbecue puerta del sandwich was should be interesting little miss barbecue back get some phoenix they're kinda they're kinda smoked salmon they do the shop which is incredible so really cool stuff martin's barbecue of course for those people that have made that kind of road trip pilgrimage down there there was killing it in one of the best obviously as well i mean it's just fox brothers you have had so many great not to talk about you know foster there's bringing that baloney so it's up about spam jones vote carolina you know like you said pat martin i mean it doesn't ubon haga palooza salt lake from texas hill country who don't have it really it just dramatic and the the the the the wealth of these guys talented success and having them around us is just incredible it is a it is and it's so great because if there wouldn't have been you and of course you know the folks at lettuce and a lot of the people that have that have gotten on board and of course you'll be the first one to say that it's a team but if you don't necessarily do this i don't think it's happening there there's absolutely it's not happening happening to this extent so kudos to you for all of this here's the other thing about it you know a barbecue event is great and and this one is outstanding one of the best if not the best but also you paired it with craft beer and more and more now you know chicago has been a great place for craft breweries and all that well represent certainly the area to some of those great wants from from michigan and the surrounding areas we'll talk about the craft beer that's one of the things you don't you say it wasn't for me a lot of people that's the years you know incredible you know you know jared it's thursday with local tony from local option cows are group's he selects almost guys we have twenty five this year we have this records worst doing this brought stands in the middle some housemaid rate once this beer brought rains just fabulous stuff not like this one take per so not only retracting the best mid beer now these guys have bruins up just for the one offs like one little things take this one that the show without doing this rotating tap grand set of the whole so the beer gets better we report more of it and and and and we we do our best to kind of make sure it's the best festival for them as well you know they're starts there's a bondage in the brewers and and the pitmasters and on that note against the grain from down in louisville they're coming up and they're gonna be smoking until it here so it's incredible here is really great places like bell's and founders and moody telling you mentioned jared coup silent even budweiser for those traditionalists that just want something simple to wash things down with bud will be in in full effect shiner shiners it'd be china's rolling everywhere that'd be huge thing in the middle of it just kind of kicking up that texas style right you know hey halfway through i'm crushing all those fears that are going to have a couple of crafts was here and there here's the thing there is no i don't think there's an event out there that combines this is an absolute worldclass barbecue event with some of the stars a lot of the most of the stars of the barbecue world and then you had mentioned that you're up for country music festival of the year and you look at this because here's the thing i'm a food guy obviously and so so are you but obviously you love the music site you go there for the for the food and i'm blown away by that but the crowds the.

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