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What a great throw! What a great catch! Touchdown! Washington six point game 28 22 right now. Every scoring play is what that by New York and that's what the delay is on the field right now, before the extra point trying to enlist touchdown were healing previous school. All right, You heard it. They're gonna do it. 11 yard touchdown passes, it stands right now. Nikki was hurt. Excruciating pain helped off the field went to the locker room with a couple of athletic trainers came back out about three minutes later. Here he is leading it dry for a touchdown. We think for Washington I really don't know what they're looking at it. You get it looked like he caught the ball cleanly. He did get 2 ft. Inbounds. I'm looking at the replay. Now one to maintain that ball was a little little lose a little loose, but clearly he got the feet down, hands up on it, and there was own and It was only when he was outside the end zone incomplete, incomplete. We're gonna call it. I'm calling incomplete. I think he juggle the ball. And there was some some sunlight between his hands and the ball is he was going out of bounds Or guess I should be some light of maybe moving like yes, this course. Shave Instant replay Review is sponsored by Barbasol shaving cream available in five fantastic flavors to customize your clothes shave, whether it's pax. Classic original or sensitive skin. There's one for every thing's find your favorite bar Bissell. Today they're reviewing to see if sins the receiver for Washington was inbounds or he jostled that ball in his club hands as he had broken free and was trying to catch a beautiful over the shoulder pass in the far back corner of the end zone. Ron Gorski is weighed in and says there was too much space between clubs in ball. Does it look to us initially, like he.

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