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Artur stop today. Text machine seven seven seven seven four two five four one person writes matt. You guys ridiculous. Every human should be able to change their own oil. You can drop off the used oil at a walmart autozone. Why would i want to do that. Like when you say everyone should be able to like the. I'm being dead serious. Why like if if you're able to do it good for you. I mean that's nice but like why. Why should i be able to. What am i going to be in a circumstance. Where i like. I better change my oil right now. And i can't go to jiffy lube in georgetown and i gotta drive it to autozone to say five to go to somewhere to give the oil. Why don't i just get them to do it. Yeah at the same time now. Granted like i understand. It's cheaper to do it. That way and i get that so if like if you wanna do i totally understand. But why do i need to do. It's very messy gets under your fingernails. It's hard to get your hands clean so like i do. I understand what people say like matt. You need to be able to do x. Trait i agree. I can understand but not not changing your oil jiffy lube jiffy lube georgetown this weekend you know what you can register to win more than a thousand dollar prize package. Here's what's in it. A synthetic oil change new wiper. Blades a rain x. Treatment who a new filter a cabin filter and fuel system cleaning a set of tires. And but if you can do all that and your garage drive autozone lube. This one location. Yes got one twenty osborne wax georgia state man. That's awesome so you can win all that. What is a rain x. treatment that's the stuff you put on your windshield so when it rains it doesn't help to see better to the windshield. When it rains the rain to get out of here get out of here rain. No room for you here. I want to get one of those do they. I guess they have those there. Yeah presumably well now. I have another reason to go to jiffy lube enjoys fabio to five seven one. Eighty what i says man. Don't you think it's likely. Mac mclean goes to texas with his old coach. That's probably the most likely scenario. But i think if kentucky pushes it got shot definitely i mean. I don't know anything that happened there. But he might. You know bill bitter with chris beard bringing him to lubbock and then leaving so maybe he wants something new but i would definitely think they're going to be in the hunt. Remember the girlfriend here. He goes just an hour down the road. Where do you spend in store weekend. Pike will so they can meet really at the mount sterling. Jerry's couple times a week halfway. Romantic think the mount sterling. jerry's that could be the whole. I told you before buddy that i went to translate you with and law school with when we went to duke his girlfriend still lived in lexington and they would meet in beckley west virginia and have weekends together in beckley west..

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