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Permission fish licensee major league baseball players association welcome back to the program you guys let me know when john's ready and we'll we'll get to it early not ready let's continue with phone calls then at eight five five to four to seven to eight five and peyton is up next guard ed or eagle how're you doing we're doing great thank you i got three things i wanna talk about one did you did you get a chance to see that is ner and anderson we'll yeah we had it on here i saw the end of it i mean i so i take it back i mean i saw i saw the beginning the middle and the end over about a six hour period yeah the town framing on that so i was thinking in about twenty years when i'm on the college football committee i'm going to propose that we change the quotas for thirty minutes we're gonna we're gonna cap the roster at a at a hundred fifty players everyone play on you hear me this do you know i don't know it's a good idea but i i wonder in tennis they need to come up with a better way to i mean like i i saw proposal the other day in baseball the in the in these all star games to to end these long innings by the way i think they did it in triple anyway we'll move on let's get to our next guest thanks for the call peyton and we are really looking forward to talking to john gordon he's a bestselling author he's an inspirational speaker and certainly he has written a number of books including his latest power of a positive team delighted to welcome john gordon to the program john thank you very much heard.

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