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With that day fall on this list. I would add Richard Sherman in that list as well I think what Richard Sherman is asked to do in the scheme that they play in San. Francisco I think Richard. Sherman is outstanding. I mean one stat that shows up very favorably for Richard. Sherman is you know? People only. Eight point eight yards per catch against Richard Sherman That debt is nut so I mean. That is absolutely nuts, so so born in Norway, asked the million dollar question before we get out of here. Should the steelers signed capper nick for the League minimum or J. T. Barrett better. The steelers aren't gonNA sign anybody. They trust their two quarterbacks in. He'll bring in a camp arm. They're not GONNA do it. I don't think Colin Kaepernick is GonNa play in the national, Football League. I think common cabinets GONNA. Stay out, I don't I. Don't know why he needs to play at this point I think I think Colin. Kaepernick is getting old I. Think he could still do it, but I I. Still Don't think Colin Kaepernick is GonNa play regardless of the urging of the Commissioner Roger Goodell. But before we get out of here again and I wanNA, thank you guys for chiming on the show. And yes I wanted to talk a little bit of football. One apologize. It was really stat heavy. I'm going I'm going to share this spreadsheet with everybody in the live chat after we take a look at the show, you'll guys get a sense of the stats that I was pulling from I. do again wish everybody out there happy June team if you're not familiar with what June eighteenth is, there's a very good podcast on youtube that was done by the Vox Media Network. In. Just do a search for June eighteenth. Explanation as to what June eighteenth was. They do a fantastic job as to why June TNT is very important, particularly for the African American community, but I'm African American. History is American history so us being more than likely. All Americans in the show except for born from Norway make sure you educate yourself on some history that you may not know going into this father's Day weekend and I urge you guys have a fantastic father's day. Weekend, you know, make sure you you take some time out. Hug The kids to wife hugged girlfriend. Hug Your family and just appreciate being a dad because being dead is the best thing is the best job that I have and being dead completed me as a man, and so I I, think my wife or the gift of my children and I just love being a dad. That's that that's the best in the world for me, but was that we're going to conclude the program, and as always tune in telephone and subscribe..

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