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If you have any ideas for my wife's birthday could present to give couples gift blah blah blah um certainly would light i'd appreciate some ideas to four three thirty three thirty three one open line topic one combined relationship with the doj now with the keller administration let's let the pasco and much just move forward together in this beautiful expensive relationship that we've created where crime has skyrocketed can almost here ginger say that i just won't let it go and i want to keep collecting my money because you know the cops are so unfair and i'm here to make this city a better place at has the doj to set a consent decree made albuquerque better and dis is the doj and ap d do you trust us new relationship and why is crime so high is it the politicians police or the bonds been are they all these just myths because according to katie hot hoppner less people in jail does not mean higher crime on the streets and when you release criminals even if they robbed a house six times that doesn't mean they're going to rob gin i can statistically prove it two four three thirty three thirty three any birthday gift ideas you have i certainly would appreciate that just little side topic they're a little help we should not listening robert hue not news radio kkob with eric strauss era well the best thing give what is being hub enough real juicy kiss and tell her how much you lover boom and it's island lift gate pirker up i don't have a why i lost mind four years ago and i'm sorry for your loss man sorry for you loss but anyway what i don't understand is how this stupid liberal democrats are always against the american people and they're still keep getting elected every time there's an election comes up you dumping is.

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