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Five. Arizona one. The boys in Blue. Get the Rockies today at 6 40 with Dustin May on the mound. The Angels blank the Padres to nothing. And Mike Trout was named the Angels nominee for the prestigious Roberto Clemente Award, which honors players for their character, philanthropy and community contribution. Halos open home. Siri's against the Astros at six. Dylan Bundy will start I'm Wayne resident by Sports. If your feet hurt your knees would say your ankles. You're back. You have planter fasciitis. I'll tell you where you Congar. Oh, and that's the good feet stores because they're all about having your feet in alignment Because that is so important for the rest of your body. Your feet are the foundation literally of the rest of your body. So you walk into a good feed store They follow all CDC procedures, of course, would take all precautions and they will fit you with thes supports and boy what a day. Rinse. It makes I'm wearing mine right now. I have been for years. In my case, they help me with my balance. So that's another issue, and I don't leave the house without them in the inn in my shoes, and my slippers are from good feet. So eliminate planter, fasciitis foot knee back pain. They that may very well be the answer, and it is for so many people. They've been around for over 25 years. Six locations. Orange County torrents. Long beach, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Ontario Mills, Call 1 800 New Walk like you're walking, not goingto Chinese restaurant 1 800 new walk. Or visit good feet dot com So can weather from Ko Phi Sunny and hot today even hotter tomorrow has arranged from the mid seventies, Too. Low eighties at the beaches mid eighties too low nineties for metro L. A. N O. C mid nineties too low one hundred's for the valleys and the IAEA. We do have an excessive heat warning for the weekend and inland highs could reach around 1 15 We leave local live from the kick off I 24 hour news room. I'm Jennifer Jones Lee. I know what will be working on Labor Day. This 10, these pecs and.

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