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We lead local live from the CAF, I 24 hour news room Rob Newton. He's a little He's always having such a lot of a lot of If I am at 6 40 it is the Conway show, and there are a lot of restaurants out there that are scratching their head, figuring how the hell do we know what to do how to stay open where to serve meals. I've passed by a Denny's today and they have a tent outside. And they have the top to the tent. And they have all the four rat there the floor. Of course, that's the pavement and they've got the roof, the top the ceiling of the tent, and then they have All four of the sides all covered in plastic. Well, guess what? You're back indoors night. Why not walk into the restaurant that pointed heat? I don't know why Neilson pagers with us, and I'm sure he's got a lot of friends who are frustrated is hell and probably thinking of closing up. Because of the outrageous, outlandish and crazy rules that these guys have to follow every single day, and he's with us, Neil. How are you, sir? Hey, buddy. I'm well, how are you? Good. How you feeling, by the way, I know that I haven't seen you in, like, four or five months and you went through a crazy year. But then, you know, then covert hit and you got to stay home even longer. Not gonna lie to you, buddy. A little twitchy, twitching. I'm doing great. I mean, I love being around my my boy and my wife a lot. We do You know if you ever want to know if you should marry someone travel with them if you can travel Other lands outside of this continent and you can check out places then you're good to go on. So we deal. We're doing very well with it. But you know, this is I'm going on a month nine soon, so I'm a little twitchy week go for drives and stuff, but it's really It's like anything else starts becoming the same. So I'm really in the same boat as everyone else because they're all in it for five months and It's all this holds your kid now how old your China 106 A TTE. The beginning of Kobe. Hey, was just a little boy. I know he's three. He'll be four in November. Wow. That'll have a covert birthday. Probably like the rest of us. Yeah, I remember making the mistake of taking my daughter. To Disneyland when she turned three and then also when she turned for and I said, Well, let's go in and go in your favor ride when she was formed, and she said, What's my favorite ride? I said, You know, pirates of the Caribbean. She does or if I've been on it like, Oh, that's right. You don't remember threes. I spent a lot of money every year over, you know? Well, it's free until they're three. I didn't see I didn't know that I I said when we went there on 1/3 birthday was October 5th. You know, whatever year that was side 2008. And she asked me at the gate because how old your daughter and I go. We're celebrating our third birthday. But what? I didn't realize that we're there on October 4th. She was only two and she turned three the next day, and I screwed myself out of that ticket. And you're not even lucky On the basic things. It's unbelievable gambling. Worse. I dates. I literally have the worst luck in the world. I was at the racetrack with a buddy of mine, and I had J. Cohen, the bugle player. I said, Hey, it's my buddy's birthday. Will you embarrass him by playing happy birthday on his trunk on your trumpet for him? You don't happen to know a lot and a crowd gathers Happy birthday, Dear Frankie, 88 Psychotic Crap, right? Hates it, So everybody leaves. And he looks at me and goes. You're the biggest a hole in the world. And I said, that's a nice happy birthday. He goes. No, no, because you have no idea. It actually is my birthday. I didn't know that and he goes well. And you exhausted All of our luck today on that stupid move. Oh, boy. All of it. God! Alright, So let's talk about these restaurants. I knew their friends and family in the restaurant business, and there's a guy up here in Burbank, who owns a winery slash restaurant, But there's different rules for these guys, right? Yeah, You've got Giovanni there at Urban Press Winery, and he's one of those, you know, there's many of them, so if we put faces and names to these people, it's because we know them were connected with them, and we've eaten at their place is but I know that there's many of Nameless, faceless people that are out there dealing with the same thing, but but he's like ours at Brewery. Ah, bravery Brewery there in Lancaster and An urban press winery there in Burbank. You know, they shut down San Fernando Boulevard there, Tim, If you haven't noticed, they shut that I know it's great. We're smart, you know, and Burbank would might tip my hat to him because they were early on saying, you know, we gotta do we gotta do and they were shutting down parts of streets and things like that. So they did that and hear this guy's thinking. Okay, Great. They got built this whole outdoor area for people to come. Eat he since day one. This is not something he did for Kobe it he has a permanent food truck. Its hiss. It's not someone else's his permanent food truck. He's got a patio. He's got all this great stuff. They make all their food, some fabulous pastas. They have their great pizzas, everything. So it's a winery that serves food And apparently, my understanding is Cove ID the virus. Knows the difference between a Ah winery that serves food. And a restaurant that serves wine. It's got to be a genius. Tell you walk around and go this one that one so that it really boils down to politics and licensing. I know that there's you know good people in politics, and I'm not someone that bashes him across the board of Supervisors of Los Angeles are the ones that are dealing with this and you gotta hope that they're just People trying to deal with the situation the best they can. But sometimes you gotta quest question the reasoning in all this stuff. A lot of has to do with the levels of food permit their three levels. Low, moderate and high and they're given to you based on the way you handle food of the type. You handle food. You best believe that someone handling sushi He's on the high end of that totem pole versus someone who's you know, reheating frozen food or something like that. So they're working through that the ABC is loosening rules for delivering Alcohol with food and only thinks they're trying to figure it out. But there's some. There's some weird red tape. And apparently, maybe not All the supervisors want this to happen. But l a county is set apart from every other county that I can see in the way that they're dealing with this and the rules and regulations they're putting on it. And it's a It's a real bummer, Tim. There's just really good people going. You're you're basically tying both our hands and saying Well, go fight this monster out there called Cove it right and good luck. Well, you know, Neal savages with this fork report on the Jesus Guy show, but I ran into one of your friend got him or Mondo MME and he owns Isaac Goose. Otto's No, no, Our buddy Armando dilatory is from Lisa. Does this have to do? It's Spanish? For students like student meets and stuff like that? Yeah, that guy's great man. Look, he owns like 8 to 10. 12 restaurants. And I saw that guy King Taco. You know the great thing about here, right? He loves food for one, and he loves supporting local restaurants. You will never.

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