North Korea, American Troops, Nets discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


A unified north korea the way that we did germany now they have american troops on their border they have all kinds of nightmares about the collapse of the regime but i think what the administration is saying to the chinese is you know it's that's not your choice your choice is a nuclear north korea or in the the collapse of the regime or more in the nets let me ask you about the is that a is there a viable military strategy that would not lead to catastrophic loss of human life well there's always a military strategy icos clause 100 my i really am not inside it's been ten years since i had any access to how we might think about what the north koreans are capable of doing with their artillery i suspect that you're looking at a really a catastrophic circumstance if you actually do have warned that the new on the peninsula but the military is right to look at the options because the idea of a north korean regime with a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the united states of america is one that i don't think any president of the united states can tolerate um just talking about tillerson for second there's been a lot of concern about what's going on at the state department a big outflow of career diplomats of foreign service officers many of them are people you worked with when you were there are you concerned about this loss of in i was with a friend towns and former panetta homeland security advisory you know well worked in your administration and she expressed a real concern about this loss of institutional memory relationships.

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