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Shows learn to speak your language around the game of basketball. I like to hear that Yeah we've been doing this show for a long time now at its core. It's just a bunch of buddies that love basketball talking about hoops I like to think we do a pretty good job of balancing. You know actually some knowledge of the game because people watch along and world and the and like conform an opinion about the game but then pairing that with just like the hilarity around the mba. Both on and off the court and You know it's pretty light and it's like again the best compliment we ever get is like oh listening to your show or watching your show. It was just like hanging out with buddies at the bar talking about the game. That's sort of how we do it exactly like you guys do so. That's cool Yeah we you know a couple of things that we've been doing this so long that some terms we've come up with mainly wedgie has sort of entered the basketball lexicon which is the ball getting stuck between the rim and the backboard and they're like other little weird things Not just as because we do daily show and we do a lot of hours talking about hoops. And there's enough people that enjoy the show and it's sorta sticks and i guess we're all online to tweet and all that stuff so it's not the best job in the world i mean it's like every day i wake up with like somebody pays me to do something i was doing anyway. Like watching games and talking about them with my friends. So it's a it's a pretty good job if you can get it. Well now. it's getting better for you. Because in addition to cover in the nba the wnba. The world of top shot the olympics. Summer league you're going deep on the world the fast and furious nice. They club for our new summer. Podcast living your life a quarter mile of a time. I absolutely had not been for forty years on this planet I realized at some point you know. I don't know win over the last year like wow. I've never seen a fast and furious movie. That's that's just straight. I mean it's not like i'm like oh only watching you know the fine arts You know i grew up in stratford ontario. I like the theater. But i also watch crappy movies weird movies and i was like. That's strange. trae is a die hard. Like he's a fast and furious freak. So i'd like this is gonna be a funny podcast series during the summer when there's very little basketball going on that we sit down. I watched them for the first time. And then trays the experts. He watches them along. Jd our producer. No we just talk about them. So yeah we just before jumping on with you here. We just finished The fast and furious tokyo drip third one in the series. I know very polarizing one. So yeah we're making our way through these movies. I gotta say love them. I can see why there You know they got their fence. Just wait till tyree goes to space. You're in for a treat. Those movies are the best j. Skeets joins the show of course from the athletic the no dunks crew getting back to the world of actual basketball isaiah. Thomas go for eighty one going for eighty one in a semi pro game or going for sixty five down at the peach bowl i does. He does he get a shot in the league again because of what he's doing on instagram and on twitter showing up at these these semi pro leagues around the summer all year long. It's possible i mean. I know what jamal crawford was doing that. For a long time. sorta similar things. Those crazy box scores. Just lighten up. These leagues Yeah i think he'll get another. You know another chance. He's not you can't i. Don't have it in front of me. I can't imagine you've that old So sure i mean it is wild to think about his career and like what he was doing on the celtics and the playoff moments. He was having a very difficult time. If i remember correctly with his sister and stuff like that zone injuries. So then just sorta how quickly a guy that's proven to be one of the best in the world and sports. What is how you know how incredibly it can. Just go away from you and You know you bounce around to a couple of teams and just sort of can never Hang onto that job. But oh that's yeah. Let's put it this way. I don't think scoring eighty points in whatever type of game that somebody's filming is going to hurt your chances of a getting another crack on roster so yeah sure. I don't know where it'll be but somebody else. Somebody will need like they'll be breaking case of emergency like get him in here and You know you just whether or not he gets another opportunity once he's there. I hope so. Man i'm ruined from. It he's thirty two years old which means that he might be too young to join the lakers. There is like a height requirement on a ride. There's an age requirement. Carmelo passed with flying colors. Where were you when the news broke. Skeets mellow was coming to lakers. You remember. I think it happened right before one of our daily shows when we were doing our free agency roundups it was one you could see coming from mile away Especially after the westbrook deal especially after there was a bunch of Positions open on the lakers roster. And you're like well we don't go on money left. It's going to be going to a lot of guys like a like a mellow. I called ellington. That was the one that kept saying for weeks old. They're bringing shooter like wayne ellington. He's coming back. Didn't see the reason one comment in that on and dwight but I like it. I know you're a fan of mellow mellow too. So him finally playing with lebron. Which i think is what people have been hoping would happen over the last couple of years at least like just to see it. Yeah it'd be great denigrate Any still decent. I mean like a forty percents three point shooter when he was in with the blazers air. He's gonna get shot on the lakers. This is whether or not they'll be able to stop anybody that's going to be the they..

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