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You're listening to your rica a monocle 24 this week we hear the story of george bevis founder and ceo of the innovative thing tech company tide which is on a mission to revolutionise banking for small business this week george shares a story unless the students there's an exciting time i started as not credit when tony badghis on his election and those whole coup britannia mood in the air and so much as students who issing name change world i think my generation had a particularly strong sense of the after another tbilisi of all of us changing all aspects of a few of anti and while as the student added low stuff in student politics i thought a lot about potentially mean career in politics but i also graduated in two thousand men the dotcom bubble was as a peak actually the point that i left universe out already started a little south up to that point my immediate view with that i was going to be doing talking entrepeneurship sadly the dotcombubble had its own history to it happens and so did that that little venture it was like a very early facebook with the unfortunate failing that nobody yet she had digital cameras in those days so whereas facebook growth backup people checking each other out university checking allowing that just tax perverse wasn't quite exciting so we tried to him as startup in two thousand and did a reasonable festival in missouri different times no real support around for young entrepreneurs and let the loris now.

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