President Trump, Brenda Brenda, Michael Pence discussed on Fox News Rundown


So get Newsmax TV anytime anywhere. Really? We're gonna march patriotic Lee. That's what we're going to do. Yeah, I didn't hear the president say we're gonna march over there and storm into the building. You're not. You didn't hear the president say we're going to go in there and try to Lynch. Michael Pence? Yeah. You didn't hear the president get in there and say we're going to go shoot Nancy Pelosi. He said. We're gonna peacefully and patriotic Lee march over to Capitol Hill. I know that goes against the narrative. No, that goes against what you're reading in the newspapers. I understand that, But here on this radio program we deal in fax. All right. I want to go to Brenda Brenda listening to us and the great state of Alabama or W R G a terrific radio station. Renda. I understand you two were at the rally. What was it like for you? It was about I would estimate I didn't even estimate it correctly. But I think when I When I got there I was in awe because I thought it was about 250,000 people. But as I got home, I saw it on the television and aerial of it, and I think now it's more about 500 to 800,000. It was a lot of people. And everybody was peaceful. Uh, The president's speech did go long, but it was a good speech. He talked about the evidence of fraud and mind you the reason I went and my friends went is I watched I watched every state's hearing on the fraud. Cover to cover. I watched every bit of it. So I am convinced that this election was stolen illegally, and they've probably been doing it for years. And I think a lot of the Americans that were their shared that I saw Patriots from other countries here and support and I also saw a large crowd of South Vietnamese who had their flags and they were saying no communism, no communism. But the whole day with patriotic we sang anthem. Um, we were there to support the speakers who came out and spoke. And then we really strolled. It wasn't even a march because some people were in wheelchairs. I mean, this is a crowd. That was Brenda. You know the crowd, you'll see it, Church, Brenda, I've got to leave it there. But I think you you you brought up a very interesting point. The president's speech.

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