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Their options, one of which is called Armageddon, I guess Will speak to the writer who wrote that headline. She'll explain here in a moment, but first since they've been so patient, and they're one half of this four man folk quintet or quartet, I should say. From the sixties. Let's goto William first has been very, very patient. I believe William wants to talk about Illinois budgetary woes, William Go ahead. A big Jan. How are you buddy? Still hanging in there, and I hope you're doing the same. I am anyway, right to the point about this tax thing They want to do the unfair taxes. I call it. Seniors like me are living out of income. Now they want to tax pensions and social security. Okay, They want to crucify us and I can't afford it and it's going. It's going bankrupt. A lot of seniors like me just want to put it out there for you. I think it's immoral and probably unconstitutional, though I am not a constitutional scholar. I play one on the radio once in a while. I don't like any progressive income tax. I think we're all in this together. We can all play this pay the same rate. Same rate same percentage when they make a million dollars or $10,000 will all pay the same rate. We all have skin in the game, and that's out of your gross. Not a year net, and it just seems like a far fairway. To arrange your taxes, but that that horse left the barn long ago and was caught on the Dan Ryan Expressway earlier today, and finally, here's Jeff joining us on 312591 18 900. Hi, Jeff. Go ahead. Hey, John. Two aspects of that bull that you might have missed. What is that in the heavily touch Illinois three, which used to be the elephant? Yes. Newman. Yeah. Mike is close. Like Freud points. Yeah. Yeah, there's another same flowing firm on the Northwest side Foreigners Society overnight, Senator Kent Not only is O'Brien up by 22 out of 56 to 34 overcame plaque Robert Martin. Wake up Holy six over Anthony back play with 22% Undecided Northwest side That's full of first responders. We know that so they would, of course, probably want Pat O'Brien is the next state's attorney. Yeah, I get it. I think the guy there's a lot. There's ah, much attractive about Pat O'Brien and Kim Foxx got herself into a sticky wicket will see if she can get out. But I was I was really surprised at these numbers. This is Ogden and Fry Commission again by the Cook County Republican Party, So you know, take it for what it's worth, But still, I sent a paddle Brian a message a few minutes ago saying, Why don't you come on tomorrow? And you can explain this? Why? You think you're surging, at least in one poll and when you invite one candidate for state's attorney On the program. Of course, I also extended the invitation to our current state's attorney, Kim Foxx. We'll see if one or both want to come on the show tomorrow. But thanks for the call Jeff safe, I appreciate it. Elena Treed rights for Axios is the White House reporter. She also covers Congress and elections and she's watching the Supreme Court. Obviously reading from her pieces. We welcome her for a first visit to double the House. Furious. Democrats are considering total war profound changes to two branches of government and even adding stars to the flag. If Republicans jam through a Supreme Court nominee, then lose control the Senate If the efforts gets goingto happen, I'm not saying losing control the Senate, But definitely presidents going to make his nomination this week, and the Senate will vote quickly to confirm so welcome to the program. We appreciate your time. Democrats aren't optimistic it all about blocking the nominee. The nomination are they know they're not. There's really not many ways that they can slow down this process legislatively, but they do have ways of retaliating if they win Senate control and so they're starting to tease out what would happen if they take back the Senate after November 3rd. Elena, Are they throwing these out? You know on social media on the on the weekend shows. To try to prevent the president from doing this either before the election or even during the lame duck session afterwards. Or do you think these might actually come to fruition? I think it's a mixed bag. If you ask which senator and the people who are saying this I think a lot of people are very surprised with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, having hinted in a tweet that everything is on the table, what he wrote on in a statement following McConnell, Senate Majority Leader McConnell's promised to push through a nomination and but really, I think what happened. I talked to a lot of Democrats and Republicans, and I think that the idea of court packing is one that immediately came to people's mind expanding the number of Supreme Court justices to potentially many as 15. Something that has always been more of a fringe idea. Fringe liberal idea in many ways, But now getting some traction from some of, you know, Senate leadership, more Main Street Democrats. And so I think that these are things that Could be realistic are on the table. We heard him say everything is on the table. But I do think others are more skeptical that it's more of just a messaging tactic, Boy, I I must say, you know, FDR famously tried to do a back. I think during his second term if I'm not mistaken Maybe this first term that blew up spectacularly. I mean, it would be a political bloodbath. If the Democrats take the Senate with the White House and continue to hold the house, obviously to go from nine to maybe 11 or even Mohr Supreme Court justices. I mean, you'd see pitchforks and torches I would imagine. But there's no shortage of hypocrisy. Nowadays we're talking to Elena Train. She writes for Axios dot com, which is a terrific a website. Check it out every morning. So let's set that aside. What do they want to change a ce? Far as The veto the 63 vote threshold in the in the Senate and one of the procedural changes do they want to make a lot of changes? We've already heard a lot about the filibuster and doing away with that on DATs something again very controversial. We've seen other leaders on people in the Senate tried to do this in the past. That That's another big, controversial proposal. There's another where they're trying to turn the federal district into a state Washington D C into a state. Of course, that's something that Republicans are very much against given it would give, of course. Two more senators to Democratic senators. If you did that, given how liberal Washington D C is and yes to 60 vote threshold that you know we saw with the Supreme Court that they've changed. What used to have to be 60 vote threshold to 51 a simple majority. They did that for AA. Lot of other things. We're hearing a lot of controversy around that more unlikely. Think on that one. But these are some of the proposals that are just getting talked around. You have. The other thing that I would think we're talking about is actually having term limits on Supreme Court justices. So it's just not a job until they die. Andere Yang, I guess proposed a constitutional amendment limiting injustices tow. What 18 or 20 year terms? Yes, and that's something we've seen. Actually, Ah lot of Republicans. Even President Trump has said that he is interested in term limits not for Supreme Court justice for senators, but term limits for the Supreme Court. I do think a lot of this Again. We're hearing a lot of ideas just being thrown on the table in a way of energizing, I think Um, A lot of Republicans are.

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