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Edge dot com slash investing goals. Merrill Lynch Pierce, Fenner and Smith incorporated both registered broker dealer and investment adviser member s I P. C Daisy. Excuse radio W F L A It is a gorgeous day out there bright blue skies, but just not warming up much afternoon high of 63 is almost 10 degrees below average, plus a breeze coming out of the north. So you know, it gets chilly for your Friday night overnight lows in the mid forties. Saturday sunny and gorgeous up to 71. We make it to 73 on Sunday, but also add in a 20% rain chance late in the day ahead of Monday's Cold front. In the voting forecast today. Northeast winds at 15 knots and a moderate shop in the bay Max, If integrate meteorologist Lise van what comes next? Before word. It's doing what we've done for over a century building and facing any problems with integrity, empathy and the strength to outlast them. Forward. We'll always pivot to do the right thing. And to build for who and what matter most. Community. Built for America built Ford proud. The free I. Heart radio APP is number one for music, radio and podcasts, All in one discover a new podcast from our library of over 350,000 titles. Here's an I Heart Radio podcast preview. Russ Faria was charged with a crime. But he swore he did not commit. No, no, I did not do that. I know.

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