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As paul instead morning at one twenty i'm harris allen oriole shortstop banding machado gave gm's around baseball more reasons to covet him he had two homers and three rb is and his team sixty five victory over the yankees is two run homer off chad green in the seventh inning tied the game at five baltimore would walk off with the way the in the night bases loaded two outs jonathan scope hit one hard george greg bird first base went off his glove into the outfield is the deciding run scored it was ruled a single bird had a good night at the play to three run homer and rbi on a sac fly a loss went to dell and matanzas gang starter masahiro tanaka back from the hamstring injuries gave up three runs in four and a third the akis four and five this year against the league worst orioles they sent sunday grade to the mound wednesday night as they go for a split of the fourgame set yankees now trailing the first place red sox by three and a half the phillies beat the mets seven to three and yell delo santos with a successful major league debut holding the mets to three runs over six and the third was also the first appearance in the bigs for the mets started drew ginn you'll be allowed six runs in four and twothirds skipper mickey callaway thought his outing was on even a little bit of everything he had some really good innings i thought his change came as advertised real deceptive changeup probably didn't throw strikes at points in a game and then you know the three run homer with the pitcher on deck just didn't execute that sliders got hung it michael francke was second in three run homer nick williams a two run single in the third i'm at rosario three hits for the mets including a pair of triples he drove in a run and scored a couple the mets the season wore seventeen under five hundred now thirty six and fifty three checking the scores the american league red sox extended their winning streak to eight dumping the rangers eight to four the raise tame the tigers five to to the royals whip the twins nine two four the astros outlasted the as at eleven innings sixty five and it's the bottom of.

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