Mike, England, Joe Biden discussed on The Joe Budden Podcast - Episode 118 | 'Two & A Possible'


Mike shake my shake my jet once you want to we live all we live peg give me a yes the near yes there we are yes we're starting with new addition to the like to actually honor the real new addition yes yes to your were with me but this was one of the greatest performances i've ever seen in my entire life you actually at the awards hell no or you're talking about gave them to see where for i agree with him tickets were for a more for will hold up as i know been awhile we knew introduced as mulford web sources uh one eighteen the point seven when england in the gaining on us who the other networks of a network title launched their network we got to talk about that do it without us as episode mall is mad at me the greatest enough me like me goes i joe biden podcasts episode eighteen i'm your host joe biden across from me is worried to his left is mall unfortunately we are on a time christ today because a making moves in guinea guinea um you news and taken jobs corporate joe walker aligning myself with these corporate companies i don't care what you're saying wearing white buttonholes to the top yeah i'm thinking those things are meant to be worn to the top why just don't feel cool with it unbuttoned anymore depends a shirt i just feel better that was a nicer than it looked as bloom at about i gotta send it back to us or he were wearing since jeans a year ago compliments on my jeans and i will tell you guys before you make jokes i do plan on buying one more pierre of those named.

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