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Stresa, for instance, will impact gap junctions or to start tight junction so increases permeability shown in studies that are related to exa acne, psoriasis that microparticles life Apache soccer from Materia leak into the blood, actually wind up in the skin causing mation. So. The hair studies are little bit behind, but there are a bunch of coming in now in the last year or so. There's a couple that came out. Animal studies like showed that if you feed a certain type of material to mice, their micro-biology changes as a result of that, the inflammatory Marcus change on this, they have healthier hair growth. They've also experimented with a, for instance, polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is marked by hair loss. I may showed that simulated models in animal models. They showed that it animals with the dysregulates with less will actually have more inflammation. And obviously they have insulin resistance in have energy production. But when they give him certain bateria certain probiotics, they are variant, they're over his, go back to normal, and then the Andersons go back to normal. And same goes with fecal matter transplant. So we know that when we optimize the gut bacteria, optimize the gut lining that the hormones that are responsible for hair growth hair loss will normalize. In the same way, we know that when we do that, we can actually chief better hair grows. So that's just it's very new. This is all very, very brand new, probably the last year or so this research is coming out. So I know that enclo- I think Columbia, they're doing research now on sequel Matt transplant in allocation universality. They seen some. Yeah, they've seen some major the at least two, two cases that I've seen reported where the two men where they've had a people, Matt transplants, four, the studium facility infection, chronic infections, which is the only indication in the United States for transplant now. But coincidentally they had the results which is complete loss hair everywhere for up to ten years refractory to treatment, and all of a sudden they get all of this new bacteria, their microbiome normalizes and they start growing hair again. You mentioned LP which made me really happy. A lot of people haven't heard of this, it's it was a big focus of the bulletproof diet. Headstrong, too. It's called lipopolysaccharide. And when you have bad gut bacteria, they make higher or stress bacteria from what you eat. They make higher levels of LP, which is a meadow Conroe depressant it's a toxin that causes problems throughout the body. And so if you're eating industrially raised meat, which I would consider unhealthy and unethical, you're likely to have bad gut bacteria because you're getting antibiotic residues in your body and the most commonly known substance for blocking l. p. s. is the oldest one out there is activated charcoal. If you're going to be eating crab or you know, you have species. I think there's a good case for taking some of that, and those studies have been around forever. The tradition do this thousands of years ago, but even now, if you just Google for activated, charcoal can do, and there's a bunch of on the. Because I make one, but absorbing l. p. s. if you have it in your gut, seems like it's a good idea for you and l. p. s. is it directly correlated with her loss? It's indirect, right? I mean. Because of inflammation. Exactly. So they haven't been studied directly saying that they found in follicles, let's say, but there are study cited no show that it's found in the skin activates pathologist like acne, which is very similar to hair loss in terms of how it's caused stress or Mon inflammation, so pathogen. So this is just one way. But what I do wanna miss say though, is that because we're talking about stresser is that the gut microbiome is not just compromised by poor diet, but it's also compromised by a psychosocial stress. And I think that's a very important point because I was a great example of dot diagnosed with IBS all these irregular things. Now, looking back while I was a dream fatigue, and of course I was listening hair. But as a result of this adrenal dysfunction in constant chronic production of cortisol, I completely destroyed at my digestion as well, which proper of course contribute. To my hair loss..

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