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Seven criminals blackmail psychotherapy patients, the Finland based psychotherapy company. Estano said its customer register of over forty thousand patients was likely compromise between the end of November two, thousand, eighteen, and March. Twenty nineteen attackers are now reportedly reaching out to patients in the breach with blackmail threats. The attackers of already leaked patient therapy notes from three hundred patients. The company said patients who have been contacted with blackmail threats should report them to the police. NITRO PDF suffers a data breach. nitro initially reported the breach as a low impact security incident to the Australian Stock Exchange on October twenty first setting no impact customer data. However, the cyber security firms sable reports that a threat actor selling user and document databases as well as one terabyte of documents all claim to be stolen the breach. This includes a user credential database verified by bleeping computer with seventy million user records, containing email addresses, full names, hashed passwords, titles, company names, and Ip addresses. cybele says accounts from Google Apple, Microsoft, chase and Citibank are in the databases. Popular Youtube download her removed from get up. On, October twenty third get hub removed Youtube L. after receiving legal notice from the way that it violated anti circumvention provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright along with seventy other repos since being removed hundreds of other repositories were created with the source code for the download. Her additionally, the source code for Youtube deal was also edited the official getup repository used for hosting received DMC takedown notices. This is due to a known bug that lets anyone attached commits to repos. They don't control youtube was in the top forty most repositories on get hub between no US and Cooper Netease. A look at voter signature verification, software venture beat recently looked.

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