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And it's almost like they can't do without added all of these studies on addiction and so on they really sort of hit the points people have now got so used to messenger and posting updates on facebook that it's almost like the the phone was it's become a utility i agree with i agree with you about that But i would say turned. Facebook into a utility is a as even is more than even the justice department can ha- can handle at this point but if you had to if you had Instagram and whatsapp as separate entities from facebook. They could compete on the basis of privacy. They can compete on a day. Basis of how. You're gonna use your data. They can compete on the basis of what kind of ads where we put in front of. You are what kind of distance from where we have this information. Will we not after you know you can have that kind of competition And and i think that's really. What the the forty eight and the and the and the ftc are are trying to accomplish is their time. I mean it is a too late. I should say for this to succeed in the sense you know. Even what's up founder. Left because of how you know d- what's up was turning into under the facebook banner. Is the train gone so long from the station that it's going to be hard to bring it back well. Facebook has not really integrated those two apps. you know Intertwined with facebook. So they you know breaking it up would actually be in those terms relatively simple. The question is who would run those companies. And you know we're getting way ahead of ourselves but my my my strong guesses that The government would not allow some facebook executive to to go over to instagram and they'd have to undoubtedly find new leadership And so. I don't think it's it's i really don't think it's too late in that then in the legal sense. That's a different question and the problem. There is that the courts over the last two or three decades as become very tolerant of mergers and as us very a standard called the consumer welfare standards to decide If a merger is okay or not that really Makes it almost impossible to put a glove on The big tech companies so that has to change over the course of the next two years in order for facebook to be broken up..

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