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Today. He said, the heavens, rejoice among the panoply of famous singers paying their respects was Diana Ross who said she was sitting in prayer for the wonderful golden spirit, Aretha Franklin and Bette midler who tweeted the greatest voice in American popular music has been stilled. She was a musical lighthouse guiding and inspiring with every note beyond America, the British pop star Elton, John described her loss as a blow to everybody who loved real music music from the heart, the soul and the church among the many vocalists influenced by Retha. Franklin, the GIO sister sledge. Who told the BBC Simon McCoy about their favorite Aretha song? What it means to think about what to do. The me. Tributes go, this doesn't get much better. We do wanna take just this opportunity to send our deepest condolences family, the family, and we're sending our love mmediately. When we heard the the sad news which has said, stop and pray and just lived up the family. Special soul that you always be with us. One of the more unusual tributes came from the American space agency, NASA, which said that an asteroid, two, four, nine, five one six Aretha found by it's near wise mission back in twenty ten and named after the singer would continue in its orbit beyond Mars, Richard Hamilton, and that name. You heard many of those paying tribute to Aretha Franklin used the Queen of soul was given to during her first flush of fame, but it endured over the course of her decades, long career. She recorded her first gospel album in nineteen fifty-six aged fourteen and was signed by Columbia records in nineteen sixty, but it wasn't until nineteen sixty seven after joining lanting that she was ready to find her own voice that came with a single. I've never loved a man the way I loved you recorded at the muscle shoals studio in Alabama. David hood was a session musician at the recording. Jillian, Marshall asked him what was. The unique sound that we the Franklin created on that day. Well, it's a rougher four are in be fan. What she had before was sound like somebody a lounge singer, where this was a rhythm and blues, or as it was come to be known a soul sand..

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