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Martin's family came from correct about to bring that up. It's from the abruzzo region. James senior was actually the eldest of ten children and he was born in my home state. New jersey was born in cape. May jim crow cheese mother flora. Were they often called the flower. Obviously being appropriate was the daughter of. I love this name. This may be my favorite name in the entire series massimo. Babu cy muslim. Oh and bernice bubble side who actually came from the italian region of the same excite. The coaches actually settled in drexel hill area. Which is just a few miles from the center of philadelphia as we mentioned. Jim was in a traditional italian catholic household. There were things that were there that are common and all italian households friends music and a lot of food. There were grand meals and the music was everything. So the coaches had a lot of vinyl records and jim grew up listening to italian songs. Folk music country blues. Just really anything. He could get his hands on some of their there. There are a few things to match the magic of an italian faced by like all the time these. Oh there's nothing that beats it now the smell of like there's almost nothing i've nothing ever. It's phenomenal and his mother was quite a cook and actually jim ingrid. Were both quite notable cooks. We'll get into that a little bit later Some of the artists that collection were fats. Waller bessie smith enrique. Oh caruso and even blues artists like mississippi. John hurt now is jim grew up. He's sort of steered into the folk vein. Even more and his influences were woody guthrie. And obviously bob because bob dylan now. We talked earlier about how meteoric jim's career in life were and he would only experience if you think about it. Just a small sliver of bob. Dylan's work. I mean think about it. That's nineteen sixty to nineteen seventy-three that's a fraction of his countless albums. That you stood out One of the songs that jamais have listened to was actually please. Mrs henry anyone that one. It was recorded by bob dylan. It was actually covered in the early seventies by a quartet featured rogers cliff slade colin patented and the man for which the band was name. That's right that song was covered by none. Other than manfred earth gentleman our federally mandated manfred. Mann's earth band reference of the podcast has been satisfied. Omarosa super radio voice. You should do radio. It's the quiet so music food. Lots of good stuff and like you said italian cooking that cannot be matched floor on which was jim's mother actually had quite a beautiful voice and they thought she may have had formal training but in that household and this is sort of the traditional approach. Her job was take care of the home she cooked meals she cleaned she tended to children every once in a while she would come out and sing beautifully and then kind of just oh back to what she was doing. In her day to day life now her father massimo again my favorite name muslim above side down. We that's awesome sick. And then he actually moved in with the coaches after his wife passed away and he was actually known for reenacting. Italian operas in the living room you would put on the troll and just start going. He would sing anyone dance and he would do all this stuff and eventually time took its toll and gave him the bill and he actually started suffering memory loss in the later years he was fondly remembered as actually nodding off in the chair. But when something like enrico caruso would play would suddenly burst out of the chair and seeing kind of go back to what he was doing and it was sad because his memory faded faded. Eventually he actually forgot. Jim's name to the point where jim would walk by and you know give his grandpa little touch and he would look up at him. He touched gyms hand. You just look at him and say the boy and smile. Yeah just a few years. After jim was born not too far away in west philadelphia we meet ingrid jacobson was born on april twenty seventh nineteen forty seven. She was actually twin. She had a sister. Phyllis now ingrida avila's grew up in a traditional jewish household because they were pockets of jewish neighborhoods throughout that part of philidelphia. Her mother shirley was a piano player and actually taught ingrid play as well ingrid's father sydney had his own psychiatric practice and he often worked with the university of pennsylvania ingrid even to this day calls herself a tomboy while her sister. Phyllis enjoyed more of the things that would be associated. Typically for young girls ingrid was actually into sports music arts. She became gymnast at a young age and she would actually become a cheerleader by the time at the high school phillips was much more introverted and ingrid again was more outgoing and she would actually go out and sing with her mother shirley however her home life was not exactly the best. Her mother shirley among her numerous had numerous virtues but she also suffered from alcohol and substance abuse as a result shirley in sydney were divorced when the girls were only five so she really didn't get a lot of time with her father at this point by the time she was eight surely actually won full custody of both girls and that pulled ingrid even further away from her father now sydney would eventually remarry and we'll get to that in a little bit ignorant actually went to work very early at each eight. She started working in her grandmother's address shop. She actually sang with shirley on local television stations. By the time she was ten and at the age of fifteen ingrid was working alongside her father as an art therapist knee. Yeah so she'll hope yeah. Both families were fairly comfortable. You know they live fairly well not high on the hog but well enough ingrid had a more supportive household when it came to artistic interests where jim well. He was in a conflicted state. Because jim had a role to play in a traditional italian household jumping back to jim. You're going to notice that his parents are going to do things over the years. They're fairly inconsistent. This is one of them so he grows up around me as he decides. He wants to play now. The interesting thing is it's known the gym senior wanted to make it very clear that they were not sort of the stereotypically cowan immigrants. So what instrument did they. Give jim to play at age. Fire the accordion right right there. Yeah now you missed. The jim come on now. I mean just make him an oregon a bagpipe. No offensive He players or bagpipe players. Just saying we lived across.

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