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That is lovely brandy from Kate Bollinger. Feel like doing nothing is from the full length the word becomes a sound. No complicity right here on K C. R W, a couple of covers in the set fruit bats covering smashing pumpkins with Hummer. That's a brand new single. There's two new songs, including that Los Lobos in their version of the classic. What's going on? And that's From the collection Live at the Fillmore actually played a couple of Los Lobos productions. They're classic. I got loaded from how will the world survive? So mentioned earlier. There's a couple of shows going on driving style fits into tantrums, along with Grizz walls over at City National Grove of Anaheim. And up in Ventura at the fairgrounds. It's low, slow balls with Tower of power. Also driving show hang out in your car. Listen through the stereo or through the PIA. Kinda cool. They're also streaming the concert Los Lobos with Tower power, and they're doing two sets. I think close levels are actually on right now and then they're going to be on again at around eight o'clock. All I gotta say is brothers stay cool up there because it's gonna be a scorcher. Extremely hot temperatures. Hopefully you are safe and Staying cool. I know there's a lot of power outages going on as well. So Drink plenty of water saying shape if you need to be out, careful, be safe. But definitely enjoy this holiday weekend. And I feel free to reach out and let me know what you're doing on this. Labor Day weekend. Where your listening to K C W from next term. Tina Brandy from Luna. Every episode of Greater Ella connects you to the people in places of Southern California. That means finding unique perspectives on the stories that affect us all. Imagine being someone's pool is in fear every day because of being black, that we will not get a fair shake in America. Most of the playgrounds are locked up. They look like crime scenes. Yellow tape everywhere. It is bigtime you locks at every time Steve take has joined us Monday through Thursday. One and 6 30 for greater L A C R w ll make me and in no.

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