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I sorta hitman Hearns get knocked out by cigarette. This is where fights went fifty rows, not twelve. You wanna talk to me about boxing name, Mattamy place. And I'll show what just because I got a boxing story on the show with me and max, don't mean I don't know my boxing. My next guest is one of the great great boxes we've ever seen in history. You know something special about you. When your last name eight Robinson, but you should Ray and everybody except because you are bad man. I'm talking about the one and only Sugar Ray Leonard right here with Steven ESPN radio. ESPN. What's going on my brother? How're you Matt? Still pumped up. Geared up one shock. What, what is applies cigarette? Let me explain and I need your help here. I am in no way, nor did. I have a question. Andy Ruiz's boxing ability. Clearly you watch him fight. You call it the fight. He's an exceptional fight a good hand. Speed drill. Really good counterpuncher. Obviously got some pop in punch etcetera. What I was lamenting is that we were salivating for wild versus Anthony Joshua. And the allure of a mega fight has been ruined because we saw how Anthony Joshua went crashing down and because of that the spectacle, the, the way we look for what we were looking for to wilder Anthony Joshua. Encounter has been somewhat compromise to that. You say what? You can't judge Brooke buys cover my food is I when I saw Andrew release and I looked at his body, right? 'cause I didn't know he's not a household name. Right. And I looked at his body and I said this guy hasn't trained but I felt something was going to happen. Didn't know exactly what it would be something to Matic. Was gonna take place I swear to cut it was like the Primin issue. And when the Feis star, the first round feel not process. We all do that. Second. Around. He went down. Anyways went down. I said, this is it this perking it. And then when we got up, I said, this is not supposed to happen. And then he came back and he not down Joshua twice. I mean, isn't that say me I was like, yeah twice? Yeah I'm like, what the hell is going on? And I knew then 'cause I so in the face expression, a race that he wasn't there to just collect his chick. He was there to win. And I saw someone of a different, Josh. We just wasn't into the fight. He never really get started. In the fight sugary when I. When I saw Anthony Joshua Saturday night, I saw a guy, tell me if I'm wrong, I saw a guy that looked gassed in the second round before the knockdown. I saw God. It looked like he didn't wanna fight by the time. The third round ended and I saw God that was just trying to survive until he got put away in the seventh round. What did you see? You're right. He was not. He was not in there. He didn't have the tiger no pun intended. He didn't have that look that look that we have people don't realize I try to express sometimes. But when we ended dreadful we look in the mirror when I look in the mirror if I could see one or two people Sugar Ray the fight of the champion walk Raina the civilian. Very few Times Mirror handful. Seen Ray Leonard. And it's the most frightening moment ever walked towards the ring people change h champ. And you say you have no idea how feel because I'm not there yet. They're not there in the rain. There's trouble. Sugar Ray Leonard right here was thieving ESPN radio ESPN news and your career, obviously, you've only had a three losses..

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