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Tell you guys out there too. 'cause I know you'll do this on Twitter as well. I need you guys to remind me to tell you about a really cool new Netflix show that I've binged on Saturday night. I binge watched it at a household kids. And so I was like hiding away at everybody Christmas break the over. So I watched the show, and it was so great. It was so good. And if you're a nineties kid 'cause it's ninety Monday, it is so much of this is going to be familiar to you, the fashion they had down two eight t to a T, and I'm in the hairstyles girls. You'll remember like the crunchy curly hair. Where chicks they'll get their hair permed. And then they would have like the crunch. It. All my gosh. It was so I could not get over. How accurate it was? And it set in Ireland during the troubles. So it's very interesting. It's an I I don't know what the hell anybody Hussein. But then you get us. Your acclimates. So remind me to tell you about that. In the meantime, let's kick it into some headlines. And now all of the news, you would probably miss. It's time for divas quick. Oh, so Houlihan Castro is he's like kind of flirting around with the idea of running for president. And we're going to talk about him a little bit more later on in conjunction with Alexander Akasha Cortes. I need you to listen to audio sound bite eleven because he actually hits at a perhaps ninety percent tax rates have fun Medicare for all. I am not getting listen.

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