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And one of the reasons why I think John Denver resonated with him was because he is from rule Korea. So a population of Ah 102 100,000 people and he found in artists like John Denver and the Eagles. I think like a really Agreeable and also familiar. Radiation of America. So When John Devers things about taking me home country roads. The country roads that my dad envisioned was his hometown, Uh, in south east, South Korea. Mm. But then, um, West Virginia Mountain Momma? Yeah, I think that's like the juxtaposition that that's pretty funny because I'm assuming most of the people who were listening to John Denver. In East Asia probably have never visited West Virginia and their lives for will definitely never meet someone who knows someone from from West Virginia's so I think more than that, it's I've personally never been to West Virginia or the Shenandoah River. But I could kind of imagine, and kind of feel what it what it looks like. So I think it was the image the pastoral image that you could kind of associate with. The lyrics of Denver song. And didn't actually play a role in his decision to come to United States to emigrate. Yeah, I I think it would be Who definitely a stretch to say my dad heard John never. And he knew right away that you wanted to move to America, but I think what it was is Was part of the soundtrack and a part of the culture that shaped his sentiment towards the United States. So I think when a lot of people talk about immigration they talked about Like the numbers, So they talk about the economics behind immigration What that means for GDP and unemployment and such. But I think what's lost often is what an emotional decision immigrating to new country is because that means You're leaving All your friends, Your family. You're moving to a country where you don't speak the primary language. Aziz. Well as you do your native tongue, so It? Definitely. Although it was the song that made him think. Oh, I need to move to another country and leave behind my parents on my friends. It was definitely a part of building the dream around America. Right, So it's like classic soft power that the State Department.

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