Israel, Palestine, Twelve Years discussed on Selfie with Kristen Howerton and Sarah James


And i will enjoy it ethnic linking findings so sip of your favorite things about being a five if you were gonna look at you know the strengths of a five for the things that you feel like you agreeing to the table what are some of those things i think that a solves capacity to focus to go long and deep i am it's hard to say is that is i love my ability to do that and i think that is a function of my five nece you is to spend you know maybe it spending a three or four hours going into something and being able to hold focus but also there are things i have been studying for years i've been reading about israel palestine for over twelve years and i love that you know we can continue to go deep and discover new facets it's like i'm not easily board there's always something new that can be learned and added to a body of knowledge that we can continue to develop and i yeah i'm a lifelong lerner and so i think my five nece serves me well and i i enjoy that i hope that that informs my work that it allows me to have work is more um um durable because it isn't just something that it came up with yesterday but some things that i laboured over with much love but i hope that that allows me to bring something substantive to conversations that i want to contribute to present i hope that that's what my five nece facilitates uh i certainly think so you are one of my favorite people listen to and you know what's interesting about about you and i i think this is probably of part of of five type as well.

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