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Go motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you. Fifteen percents or more focused on what happened in italy. Today song off with the event is coming from behind vitorino by two goals to want western. Kenny and benicio with a late goal that gave side. All three points as gamma. Coffee joins us gab. Join us on how bad they were in the first half. They rallied in the second half. Well look they rallied in the second half in the end. Those are two separate not sepe skulls but those are two headed goals. They all count. It's not obviously the football. The the not pila promised promise but said he would try to implement. It was interesting again after the game. They asked Leo baluchi what went wrong in that in that first half and you know he said the usual things he says we were too slow not enough conviction. We're playing a two miles an hour. We weren't in it we haven't taken. We haven't taken his concepts on board yet And i mean we haven't taken them to heart We have our minds. We don't have them in our heart. So the skipper. Getting all poetic there. But i think there is something in that dan in the sense that it's almost like they haven't fully committed to this way of playing and as a result ended up playing cautiously poorly and slowly and well organized team torino creates enormous amounts of trouble for them. It's gonna be concerned that gap look i. I know people have mocking me. When i say this. But they're going in another direction. He's trying to introduce a different philosophy different concepts and judged on two things. He's judged on how good those concepts are and also how well his players to execute them. We we don't know how good those concepts are in reality because we've seen other teams do them but we haven't seen you value them. We do know that he's having a difficult time getting them to buy into it consistently and that's a challenge. She's a first time coach at some point. you know. if he's not delivering they will pull the plug but again every indication is that event is are willing to give him time willing to give opportunities and and i think they'll be encouraged by by the reaction. After the break. Of course west mckinney started that reaction thirteen minutes ago with his goal. Yeah and look. I mean i think mckinney coming onto to really provide some of that intensity some of that drive some of that pace in the middle of the park. I i know it's going to sound incredibly simple. But you know mckinney comes from elite. Were a lot of teams play at a higher pace and you wouldn't have expected the ball moving around with that. Same intensity midfield certainly not last year or even in previous years that you've it and that is what the lights of benton core maybe rubio We're used to archer as well. You know he comes from barcelona where they're used to having sixty sixty five percent possession. They can stroke around. They've got uncle. Leo messi to go and sort it out. Uv that's not the case you have to. If you're to play this way you have to buy into it and you have to get those automatic movements between players. You've got to you know the the team short back to front And you have to keep the ball moving quickly. And do it. With intensity mckinney may not be the second coming of but he certainly very very intelligent player and he is somebody who who lives the temple with his intensity meanwhile in so we have three one win against bologna and a brace in that won three straight league. Wins for kante side gavels except those those bits in between and the champions league sometimes less so but i thought this is a very good performance from from inter. Was exactly what you know before if you could have drawn it up. How do we wanna play. Well we want to go and we want to rest some guys We want to go out and we wanna play calmly but with intensity we we. We don't want the rage that always talks about To be disorganized. He wanted to be channelled into executing what we do. I think the. I thought they did it very very well. For much of the game and after africa me some people doubting can you defend but look. It's a statement. You go out to wingbacks like kakimi. Who's obviously very attacking and paris choose. Not a wingback is a winger impersonating wayne back. You know. you're sending a statement of intent. And i think that's what i wanted to do in this game and and i think the players delivered for him get marconi very much. Of course. italian action continues over the next forty eight hours Plenty of gains view on sunday including the big one between sampdoria and ac milan on monday. It's fiorentina against.

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