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People in advance to think about it and they will nine new way and when we get enough of them we can compare that account those kinds of account with the existing kind of account so that this will show us the difference and so that's where this is headed all right let's go back to the phones matches in Salt Lake City Utah welcome mat go ahead hello yes good evening thanks for taking my call sure you're welcome yeah I just wanted to thank both of you having great gas and how doctor moody that just listening to this I've had an extreme moment of clarity I had a near death experience about a decade ago and just by the way you describe it the big nonsense it's almost heard something in my way of thinking to you you will describe the experience I had in different ways is this something that people were already had your death experiences will be able to although that's an interesting question within it it is and I don't know the answer to it and I I just don't know but I would think it would helpful I think it would help the I don't I would think so and and less people are very sort of I just don't know but that's a wonderful question Manton I've I've wondered about that myself but I'm doing it now prospect to fully it it it will be interesting to see whether people who've had a near death experience and then read about this whether it will help them understand and articulate their experience better and I hope it does so I hope that got.

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