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Speaking of working fast, we're going to the ninth inning right now. In Minnesota. Kenta Maeda through eight innings has a no hitter. He has struck out 12. His pitch count is at 1 13. He has walked two batters tonight. The Minnesota Twins, giving him an insurance run there in the bottom of the eighth inning. So again three Nothing Minnesota made a working on a no hitter will keep you posted on this throughout the ninth inning again, Minnesota leading Milwaukee three Nothing. Meanwhile, in the end, Buffet Blazers and the Lakers this one since the Blazers got out to a big lead has been nip Tuck. It's been a couple of points. Either way, Portland leaves the Lakers right now, 68 to 65. It's been a huge night for Damian Lillard. He's got 25. Meanwhile, Yusef Markets has 14 and 12 rebounds. LeBron has 12 and 13 assists and nine rebounds. So he is one board away from a triple double. And after a really horrendous start, Anthony Davis has picked it up. He now has 24 for the Lakers after he started the night, one out of nine from the floor. So right now a back and forth game Game one between Portland in the Lakers And I guess Mike, this is something that I kind of expected. I kind of saw signed today. That told me that maybe this is going to be close than people expect. So today, my wife and I and we go out to run errands and when we go to a store to pick up a bathing suit that we ordered for Zoe So we go to the store. I go in to pick it up and I go in the garden. What do you have any I'm here. I'm here to receive the okay. Great. Come right didn't stand right here. So I walk in. I stand and wave to bring a bathing suit out and there's guy working, you know, bringing stuff out of the back, and he's wearing a Damian Lillard jersey. And I'm like, Wow, That's a lot of guys look like you were. Oh, yeah. No, no, no, no, no. It just looked like it didn't look like it was like brand new. But look, you know, you look good. It was a clean look. It was a clean and crisp look for the young man. Ah, and ah, So he was wearing a Davy little jerseys coming out and he walks by me. I go. You're going to make any from the logo tonight, and he looks because Men. The first shot's gonna be fromthe logo tonight. Are you kidding? And that always always friends start going. Oh, that's not gonna happen tonight. Bag it. So it's a lot of guts wearing a Damilola jersey into work in Los Angeles. That's it lets a lot of guts right there. The guy that wants some attention. It's not that's not guts. That's just You just want to feel loved and figuring. We've all been quarantined. Maybe as he's just back to the gig to where he's able to wear it proudly, and he wants some attention about that. A little bit of that. Yeah, the other thing that came out of this game thus far, Jason as you as you did. The recap three of 19 from three point land are the Lakers 36 fouls already called in this game. Golf, eh? So we will keep you updated that we'll get back to it in a second, obviously, because boy, our manager, Scotch bureau is not going to be happy that we talked about this. No. I thought you were going to celebrate the Blackhawks goal. No, no wanting the first. No, I was, uh, I was going to do that. But instead, I think we talk about the no hitter because, you know, I think that's a little bit bigger. That that so that out of a tent to my ADA going to the ninth inning with a no hitter. Minnesota leading Milwaukee three to nothing. He is pitch count was at 1 13 the second pitch of the ninth inning basic for Eric Sogard. The No hitter is gone. So now Milwaukee has a runner at first, and Minnesota is going to the bullpen. That's gonna be it made. His night is done. Ah, and in the immortal words of every baseball broadcast you ever heard, Hey, can either win the game or have nothing to do with it. There is no way he can lose this game Made will leave eight innings. One hit 12 strikeouts. 115 pitches lowers his e r a toe under two. So the no hitter they gave me a chance. And I love that. That's a way to really get, you know, Gather the team and say I'm not going to do the whole Well, this is the pitch. Count your ad. I'm gonna win the team and rally and galvanized us all behind. Not gonna do the whole well, this is what should happen and we're saving someone's those arm. You have a chance for baseball immortality. You could go out there and throw When you're at 110 112 pitches They gave my aunt a chance. Give up it Now They're going to the bullpen, and I'm glad that that this is the way it turned out for the twins and my ADA that they gave the chance to do it. Sukar gossip gets a base it OK now we move on. No, you got to celebrate. That means so, so many cautious and on written rules and all this nonsense. We've been going through the last 24 hours going back to the end of our show with Fernando Totti's junior flap, and I don't care what the pitch count is what it says on your blackjack car. The guy's got a no hitter. Go and you put it away and you say I give him his shot and then gives up there and you say, Okay, that's it. Which counts done, no hitters done already had walked a couple of guys, Everything's done in terms of the historic CE of it..

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