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Was passing by the house on north boasts street around eleven PM when he saw smoke and flames and called police he and two officers then helped get people out of the burning apartment building firefighters showed up Gavino said there were no smoke alarms going off, and it was all instincts. I guess how do you walk by somebody's house on fire? What's ringing the doorbell calling the police firefighters rescued a woman from the second floor who was rushed to Milford hospital then to another hospital in Boston where she is recovering from burns. It's been nearly five months since the Columbia gas explosions in the Merrimack valley. One person died that day teenage boy who was humble a hard worker and a good kid tonight is family is telling their story for the first time to WBZ TV. Nicole Davis has a preview. I am angry. Luciana Ron Don says she wants Justice for her brother. Leeann Al the rundowns telling the I team that out was a good kid. His father dropped him off at a friend's house on September thirteenth and his father says when he saw TV coverage of the explosions he was devastated to see that very same house. Eighteen year old leeann died when a chimney collapsed on the car. He was sitting in Luciano says, the family is struggling have anyone. This is Laura don's do have a lawyer. They plan to file a suit against both Columbia gas and the parent company. Ny source can see the whole interview with the family tonight on the WBZ TV news at eleven Nicole Davis WBZ Boston's NewsRadio opposition to a proposed natural gas compressor station. In Weymouth surged on a number of fronts today protest at the state house and the release of a report warning of potential health, and environmental hazards, close to one hundred environmental activists crowded, the hallway governor bakers office chanting children's health is not. For sale and holding paper scissors to demand the administration cut ties with fossil fuels they pointed to a detailed.

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