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At I've never taken a fall off a horse called not pleasant. If I was a rather take a fall off a horse in December or January then in April or May, you know, on the ground is like a road. Yeah, you'd rather fall in. Exactly. Yeah, I don't think you're going to see him writing again. But hey, I've been wrong before. To wrap things up on a brighter note, the flat is back. We are talking about jumps racing and we've got a lot of jumps content to come, but classic thoughts. So 2001 thousand guineas, Derby, the oaks, Lucy Russ. Have you had a bet on the classics yet, or are you currently working out your shortlist? Yeah, I'm still working on it. I haven't had any bets, certainly. We'll be waiting until nearer the time, but obviously August the road and looks like the horse to be, well, the sort of flagship horse this season, doesn't he? And probably more of a diary prospect than 2000 guineas. But meditate obviously in the 1000 guineas, I think she has a really strong chance I thought lizzo well for the race becket team. Because she's one of the track in the past, so handles new market well. But overall, I'm looking forward to seeing all the rest of the road in the most this season. Which do you think is going to be better for Willie taking both? Is he more of a Guinea source or is he more of a Derby horse in your mind? He's more of a Derby horse in my mind, but I mean, he just looks fantastic, doesn't he? He just looks like the next best thing in flat racing. And obviously he won the group one last season. The infinity of one miles. So yeah, I mean, I think the guineas and then the Derby, hopefully those two targets will accomplish. It's a strange one, Barry, because this is going to be a bally Doyle with a waning influence on Galileo, like Galileo was so important as a stallion and obviously an incredibly influential one, but they're now moving away from him because we simply don't have enough of his stock anymore. And so deep impact and no name ever is coming to the fore and deep impact was huge with August roden and obviously his stock. There's not many of these. They don't make them like this anymore, unfortunately. So he is going to be hugely important because cool more are investing more and more in Japanese stallions. They're obviously supporting their own American stallions justify as one that they're a huge fan of and I think we'll see big things from him this season. No they never. They've invested an enormous amount on that was hugely successful last year. But in terms of August rodent do you see him as a potential Guinea's winner or like Lucy and myself for the record, is he more of a Derby type in your mind? I'd still like to see him once more this year and my probably be more of a diabetes I'd say, but he's very, very short. I think 5 to two for the therapy. And I have another if it was the pull up a couple 8 in the brain did a bit of give a good match to a horse called terror of

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