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A lot of like pageant adjacent videos where she's like just kind of preparing for the life of a queen of pageant star where she answers questions like a nice room but she's a teen so the questions are particularly enlightening here's one when was the last time you tried something new great question the last time i tried something new was about two weeks ago my mom made me brussels sprouts at dinner and they're actually not that bad so this is what you're getting with baskin champion the answer is not much and she's going to be gone already doesn't exist anymore i know it's it's it's not nice to say that technically but let's be real like like this is a passing name just like i've forgotten the rest of justin bieber's like dates or whatever this is another one that i'm going to forget she's a model her name is baskin champion i opened up a weekly article called justin bieber's complete dating history just to refresh myself of some names would you like lindsey yeah powell apollon no idea jessica jarrell who knows caitlyn beatles nikola pelts member her i remember shantelle jeffries jade pierce barbara pal vigne he dated a barbara lena gomez rancher adriana lima we now are we know her who's the funny name there's one with a really funny name remember braun tei blam bronte blam peed of yes okay do you remember braun tei blam peed that thinking of i'm like who is this other woman bronte volume peed.

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