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Into the first part of Wednesday. I thank you with meteorologist Tina Board. WBZ Monsters, News radio, Right sunshine here in Boston, but bitter cold, just 20 degrees out the door. Good morning. It's a 26. Look at New England business. Now The unemployment rate in Massachusetts is the worst rate than any state in the nation has to offer. The executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development says the number of jobs added in the month of December to the private sector was not enough to offset the job losses in the public sector that pushes the state unemployment rate to 7.4%. The nation is a whole stands at 6.7. Even as the global pandemic digs deeper into the United States, Nothing seems to be able to stop a roaring real estate market. Housing starts increase of the fastest pace in December since 2006 High demand from buyers fueled by historically low interest rates. The average value of existing homes is up more than 3% to round out the year 2020 across the country, Zillow says it's even hotter in Boston, with an average above half a million dollars. The price tag for a single family home home prices for the year up some 9%. And in another sign of the rapidly changing banking industry peoples, United Bank says it's about to close more than 100 stop and shop branches in Connecticut and New York State. The rise of digital banking spells the end of the grocery shopper relationship with people's bank. It's also an effort for the bank to cut costs, not exactly gone in a flash. The move will take place over several years. Nearly 40, Capitol police officers and 150 National Guard members who helped in the aftermath of an attack on the U. S capital have now tested positive for coronavirus bipartisan group of lawmakers have begun to work with President Biden over the framework of a nearly $2 trillion economic coronavirus financial rescue package. And new research suggests that getting a Corona virus vaccine will alone not bring an end to the pandemic. Scientists at Columbia University say wearing face masks and social distancing will be required for months to come. Little bit of sunshine today. But man is it called.

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