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But I'm looking forward to see I'm of the opinion that mistero is just up to each tricks, and he's creating these allusions to make himself. Look like a good gut and people are in no real danger. So they are fake elements. Yes, there's hydro main in every but I feel like that's just fake in. He's trying to become a euro. Or he's faking the phone to be hero for money, isn't it? What Misteri always did you want to be like, a grand delusion isn't get money. Con people. I feel like that's what he's doing and its findings about the come records whole shit. I mean, it's possible. Bottom lines. Like, I'm looking forward to it like marvel has really let us down. So there's been that haven't been great. And I'll speak specifically about the Thor franchise until ragnarok. But but Spiderman like look man, this this reincarnation Spiderman has been excellent they got the right actor it. And then, you know, there's some people that weren't happy because they're like, well, they spoiled that Spiderman lives, no shit. I mean, come on. Announced the homecoming name and move your Eddie like. When they laid out the slate of marvel films, we saw like you solve the sequel Black Panther, obviously Black Panthers not going to die. But there's other. There's no there's no captain America's that's the guys you've got to worry about. But yeah, we all knew Spiderman wasn't gonna die down, a relaxed. They're they're really trying to make me cry tears in the in the theaters this April because I saw the check in the Spiderman thing it's on a per pots. And then, you know, there's no ironman incite. We get Nick fury popadopoulos like, oh, man. He needs a new mentor. Like, I am really gets bodied stark. It's about to get real. But I'm looking forward spot. The Spiderman franchise is one that, you know, I grew up on comic books and everything. So it's like if feel like they've finally have got this. Right. So let's see what happens I'm optimistic to other things. Bad voice. Three starting filming. I can never have any bad boys movie. This is like the web. I like a ball. Like, I wanna see it. I just don't have high hopes for. I'm not sure about coming to America to might be in the works. You go with that initially. No can you bears who was not feeling at all with the blackish a love like it. So I feel like he can do it. Right. So we'll we shall see. Those are the two things are three things in movies. I just want to note out with real quick. Let's get combat sports fight. We care Vegas. Adrian Boehner versus Manny Pacquiao. It's been a shit show this week, and not do pack out. Of course, not to such a nice, mild mannered guy. He's he's working on his second wind of his career. You guys have done. Some great interviews. Great of articles at sporting news about it..

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