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Welcome to the podcast, a study and Manala. Gee, this is your grumpy uncle Peter. He will say words at you. So after episode one fifty two, I actually realized that was the one where we had the mini Tor versus center controversy put to bed completely forever, so that we never have to talk about it again. So that will never come up again. Send tours and or minute tours or anything similar like it. I actually realized I had a question because when it was revealed that the miniature was an individual and not a species, he came about from the Queen of Crete and a majestic bull having relations, and it came out with this large man body with a miniature head and a bull tail. So he was unique in the universe. And so I was perfectly happy to accept that. Then I realized there was a question that I only thought of late. That I hadn't answered and I don't think I can get an answer for it, but because he's an individual he doesn't really have a species name, but we refer to minute tour. And I think what we're referring to minute or, and this is where the confusion may be originally comes from, as a species as a kind of animal. But now that I know that the miniature is unique in the universe, it would actually seem to make more sense of miniature was his name, and he doesn't actually have a species, because he's a mixture of some kind of Queen and animal being a hybrid doesn't have a name as such but then it because it would also be really weird. If a parent had a baby, even if they didn't really say care for them because they built a labyrinth and put this thing in the labyrinth and then fed it virgins you'd still name it so either that animal things name is miniature or it's a species name in that thing has no name. So that's the point where I'm at. Having a little bit of trouble because it's never clarified as to whether or not that things name is minute tour, or that thing is a minute tour, which I actually think if you look at definition of minutes for the are talking about a species, and not a name, but because it's unique it should have a name. So now this is you can see what happened. What happens in my head? I'm going around in a circle and it just happens again. And again, and that is how I ended up spending hours of my day wondering whether or not minutes for is the name of the creature or the creatures name. Core question why is the ship the enterprise in the Star Trek series? White wouldn't black offer more camouflage and space. Now, there are a couple of problems, and there's a couple of different ways to deal with them. When actually discussing this question, the first one is this is a TV show. So do you want to camouflage your spaceship in a TV show because one of the things they want to do in this TV show to appeal to the science fiction enthusiasts is have the spaceship show up on the TV? So the first thing you need to do is make it. So it contrast with the background the background because it's a spaceship is going to almost always be in space, therefore, you actually want it to be a color that shows up, so it should be a bright color. White is one of those colors that shows up very well against black. So that is a real world practical reason for not making the ship black. If I made a black spaceship from my science fiction TV show, there would be almost no. No reason to show the ship on my science fiction TV show because you would have black space and a black shit moving in front of it. So maybe it would block out the stars behind that would be a cool effect for the short term, but it would not be one of those things that would appeal to people long term because they wouldn't be able to see you wouldn't be able to do any exterior shots of the spaceship. Now the second point is, let's go into the universe and talk about the actual ships themselves. My belief is that there would be no real need to worry about whatever color the ship is because we're talking about ships in space. And I think the reason you would need camouflages because you need to hide your ship from an enemy. So that's the only reason we really do camouflage is that we hide while we're in battle. That's a great idea. I am actually on board with that. But if you've noticed even though the ships are white, they aren't using visual acquisition to target the ship. So what I mean is you don't have pilots looking out the front of the ship shooting at the other ships that they can see they have computers doing it because the distances would be huge. These things are moving probably incredibly fast science fiction often has these ships, be very advanced do be able to move very quickly. People aren't going to be able to track it over the distance. They can't see that far. They probably wouldn't be able to pick it out because of the background. So once the ship got far enough away, it would just be one dot amongst many Dodds. So they do what any sensible science fiction thing would do. They would use something more advanced like a computer now the computer isn't checking the color of the ship. That's not what it's looking for. It's looking for a solid object in space. It's looking for metal. It's looking for something else. It's ping in some way, that humans can't now you might have or you might create a species of aliens that could do that. And they wouldn't have those machines on their ship. They wouldn't have like radar sonar detectors. Any kind of thing that you actually use to track another object in space. They would actually have massive windows because they could actually see, but they don't do that. Because again far far enough away. You wouldn't be able to see it anymore anyways, it would be too, small. So in the Star Trek universe, you have the klingons and they have a cloaking device, which is camouflaged, but that makes the whole ship go invisible. So the idea is that not only can people not see it the computers. Can't see it either. So if you go into the fiction they have actually used camouflage, and it has nothing to do with color. It makes the ship invisible because a computer could probably track an empty space where the stars are supposed to be, and they keep disappearing so they can find the ship now the human, I couldn't do that. So it had to be more than that you had to actually be able to see through the ship so that they computer technically wouldn't be able to track it that way. Now, there's only one other reason have you noticed like the space shuttle, and a lot of things that are in space that are supposed to be realistic or are actually realistic. They are also white, but it's so you can see as much as possible because the only reason to go the exterior of a ship is to try to fix something. So if you can't see it if it's. Hard to see in the night sky, which is exactly where you are. That makes it very hard on my understanding is that when you go to the dark side of the ship, it is almost like there is no light at all. So it's invisible. So I obviously has to do with the closest light source being the most powerful, repairing your ship on a regular basis, which would probably be something, you have to do would take priority over camouflage. Now, the secondary thing within the fiction of Star Trek is that these are not warships. They are research vessels. Now they have armaments because they go into hostile territory. They engage engage with aliens and whatnot, and they don't know if they're going to be friendly or not. So they're trying to protect themselves, but the primary role of these ships is not war. It's actually to explore their signs vessels and things like that. So they are trying to camouflage themselves. They're trying to present themselves as friendly to unknown aliens, so they don't wanna come across as evil or hide themselves or anything like that. Now, there were a couple of movies where they had warships, and they were painted black, but that was again, primarily for the drama that was to create the contrast between the good enterprise, and the evil worship that they had created. There are a couple of other things that would actually go along with this question. And it's the idea that we can't see lasers. So when we see the pew pew lasers or the big long streak of light, that's not what you would see if they were using real lasers, you might see a Mark on the ship, when it hit it, and then it would just start to burn a hole in that ship. But it wouldn't be the long streak of life. But why do we use that because it's more dramatic for the viewer to see because if you don't see anything that would be pretty boring space battle, because we're just be two ships and then one burst into flames. It'd be neat. It'd be realistic, but it would actually be visually quite boring to watch because you have to ships circling around each other, and they just one stops because there, wouldn't be massive explosions in space. There's no oxygen to feed that fire. So there'd be a lot of, like pops and things like that, and that would immediately go dead because the fire wouldn't extend it self into into the area beyond the ship now that takes us to a tertiary issue, which is sound the lasers, wouldn't make any like shoes. Annoys and they wouldn't make any burning sounds at all because this is again space, there is no sound in space. So you would hear maybe a humming from the ship that shooting if you were inside the ship, but probably not lasers. Don't actually make a lot of noise even the machines that make them and they would be on a different deck. So you wouldn't hear anything at all? Certainly not that sh sound that they use in Star Trek. And when missiles fire again, that's going to be two three decks below the actual bridge, you wouldn't hear thing would just see the thing go out into space, and then you would see again, a pop a small explosion. You wouldn't hear anything and then that ship would probably just stop moving or would be floating in the direction. It was already going because momentum, it's really hard to look at science fiction using real science because if you did that it'd be great, but it would be visually, an auditory very boring to experience space battles, would just not be interesting at all. So what you've run up against is what I call the drama drive, which is things break and need to be fixed, just in time to create tension and drama in a story, and that has nothing to do with real life. And that is why the ships and Star Trek are white and not black for camouflage. Hey, Peter Lorre here with all this animal talk recently, I'd really, like to know your opinion about platypuses, first of all, there's a couple of things within the question. I think we need to clarify its Peter here,.

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