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Talk about breast health and breast. And then I have coming out on Showtime this summer, and you'll be able to see cry a lot I want you to come on promoted together loved him griped with you. He doesn't wanna promote it because we're both very sad in. But look we're gonna be fine. Air knows. He does what I tell him that to say this. When you any only listens to you because it doesn't list. He was member my jacket my pink jacket with the pinger Brown. Furry jag. Yes. And he was dancing in that little was so cute. He has the worst dance moves ever. He needs to watch one hundred Taylor swift and. Would words what am I doing? I start recording my podcast on this network on Thursday with Matt and it's going to be called messy, and yeah, it's messy, and it's me just being very censored and inhibited and minding my business and not offending anybody. Right. It's going to be a good hour of walking on eggshells. And keeping it light Ghalia on my podcast called in the box. Where you get actual therapy on this network as well. Let's do it. That's done. That's done. Do. There's a lot of stuff happening and the podcast that started it all before. I believe it. You are listening to rant and rave in. We will be back with another episode next week..

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