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And says means if you're headed out to why he reservoir later this month there's going to be a check station in ontario for bowl everybody knows that we're all in the interest of preventing wildfires whether that odia w or the so while the folks come into the check station and they're already getting looked at for their invasive species will do a quick safety check for fire prevention as well says that means making sure that your chains dragging that of course can produce sparks which set those wildfires up they'll also visually check out your trailers bearings to make sure that they're packed with greece crouch also reminds that if you park out in the brochure and the grass sometimes hot engine can spark a fire and also destroy your car so be very very careful about that during this time of year as well looks like we need to take a look at some real time numbers here for you yards six seventy k b o i the market is open this report brought to you by zions bank the dow currently down one hundred and thirty one points i'm rick worthington six seventy k b o news time seven thirty four time for right now ticks delays you're showing up pretty much all the way around now i eighty four the typical stuff in napa at about three and a half miles per north side boulevard then before the ten mile exit now you start hitting the brakes in past meridian road the busy steph connector not doing too bad little heavier traffic were that to chinden onramp murchison over the boise river but not solid necessarily in downtown for the slowdowns there and build up shown up away from the freeways like chinden and state at veterans memorial parkway from the by mark traffic studio i'm ron o'brien kebby oyi weather with channel two's nate larson good tuesday.

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