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And you've got to say, no, I don't want that one. Okay, I'm going to go Roy Hodgson that I would start with. My backup would be Tony pulis and Sam Allardyce would be nowhere near my club. Thank you very much. No love for big Sam darn. What about you? No, I'm concurring 100%, Robert. Craig. I'm definitely Roy hodson. Yeah. Managing where he's managed international football and club football. I don't know. I mean, people forget what Sam holidays did at Bolton. It was amazing. I'm going to some other days. All right. Until Nicolas. Well, I don't mind either of them. All right. Which team had the worst funds? Do you have any stories, Craig? The watch stars in well, you can define that maybe the scariest, maybe the ones that were the real world will be able to scary. Yep. West Ham, a place don't really get scared. Some do, I suppose. Now. I don't think maybe fair E 40 years ago. When things were a little different. But I don't think players know, you don't really get doesn't come into the equation. That makes sense. Yeah, you weren't scared of anyone basically. No, I mean, some are just more vocal abusive than others or violet. Tell me the rumba smirking. I'm not sure why. Perhaps supporters, I mean, when I was playing to a certain degree, West Ham, the Tottenham fans, particularly when I was at arsenal hated me because I'd been sent off against them when I was 18 in a boxing day game and I became.

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